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A Cue for Love Chapter 828

A Cue for Love Chapter 828

The Faith To Hang In There

The truck crashed into the divider.

Benjamin fainted from the impact. Glancing at the man, whose head was covered in blood, Natalie muttered with difficulty, “I’m so sorry.”

She had selfishly crashed the car at an angle that ensured her safety.

Time was running out, and she needed to quickly find the actual antidote and inject it into Samuel.

Natalie’s head was also covered in blood. It dripped onto the phone screen, obscuring the words on it. After wiping it clean with her shirt, she called Ross.

“Ms. Nichols…” Ross’s voice sounded from the phone.

“Ross, I’m in a car accident. Find me using my GPS location.” Although Natalie’s voice was very frail, she managed to choke out, “I’m afraid that… Samuel is running out of time.”

Ross was shocked. “Okay! I’ll come right away!”


Natalie took in a deep breath as she waited for rescue.

At that moment, she was in immense pain. It felt like every bone in her body had been fractured.

However, she did not allow herself to collapse. The only thing that was compelling her to hang in there was Samuel.

“Wait for me…” Tears welled up in Natalie’s eyes as she mumbled, “Samuel… Wait for me…”

Within half an hour, Ross rushed over with a few men and rescued Natalie from the truck.

When Ross saw the blood covering Natalie’s body, he exclaimed anxiously, “Ms. Nichols, you’re severely injured! I’ll send you to the hospital immediately.”

“I’m not going!” insisted Natalie stubbornly. “Ross, instruct someone to send Benjamin to the hospital for treatment. You and I must return to the laboratory.”


Ross did not understand why Natalie was doing that, and he did not want to. How could she not go to the hospital when she has sustained such serious injuries!

However, it was Natalie’s first time speaking so sternly to him. “Ross, I’m your direct superior. You must do everything I tell you to. If not, leave!”

Ross gazed into Natalie’s eyes, which were filled with sheer determination. He knew that nothing could change her mind.

She’s Natalie! Once she’s set her mind to something, no one in the world can convince her otherwise.

In the end, Ross relented. “I’ll send you to the laboratory.”


With that, Ross drove Natalie back to the laboratory.

The latter carefully opened her bag and took out the four ampoules.

“Ross, help me prepare forty-eight laboratory rats and divide them into eight groups,” instructed Natalie through clenched jaws. “You’re responsible for recording the experiment and cooperating with me.”

Knowing how determined Natalie was, Ross nodded solemnly. “I understand.”

In no time, he brought forty-eight live laboratory rats over.

While using a machine to analyze the substance in the ampoules, Natalie asked Ross to prepare the experiment and record the symptoms experienced by the rats.

After the first experiment was done, Natalie and Ross were astonished.

While finding the antidote for Samuel, they discovered three other chemicals that were similar to the aging chemical. They were extremely damaging to the human nervous system.

However, Natalie could not be bothered by that at that moment. She was more worried about Samuel.

When she stood up from the chair, she felt extremely dizzy.

“Ms. Nichols…” Ross quickly steadied her.

“I’m fine.” Shaking her head, Natalie said, “Send me home now. I must personally inject the antidote into Samuel.”


When they returned to the Bowers residence, Steven and Luna saw that Natalie was covered in injuries.

“Natalie…” Steven was surprised. “How did you…”

“Where’s your brother?”

“He aged even further, but he’s in a stable condition.”

Natalie smiled faintly. “Good. I’ve found the antidote. I’ll inject it into him right now.”

However, at that moment, Luna frowned and asked, “I’m sorry, ma’am. Could you let me take a look at the antidote?”

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