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A Cue for Love Chapter 826

A Cue for Love Chapter 826

An Unavoidable Confrontation

“And you,” Gale continued, shifting his gaze to Benjamin.

He added in a snide tone, “The vanquished opponent who escaped from my clutches. I can’t believe you didn’t die after suffering such severe injuries. Instead, you became this woman’s lackey. You were lucky the last time. This time, you won’t be so lucky.”

Natalie and Benjamin had not expected that Gale would accurately predict their course of action, setting up a trap at the warehouse and patiently waiting for his prey to show up.

Benjamin had had first-hand experience of just how powerful Gale was.

Now, we meet again in an unavoidable confrontation. Given the current circumstances, Natalie and I are no match for him at all.

Pulling Natalie behind him, Benjamin called out, “If you want to attack, just come at me.”

Gale raised his eyebrows. “Oh, my. Are you still planning on playing the part of a knight in shining armor at a time like this? I’m afraid your brain is addled. At most, the both of you will have the chance to accompany each other as you descend to hell and see whether you’re fated to become a couple in the underworld.”


“What’s the matter? Still up to your same old tricks?” Gale sneered, then fired a shot at Benjamin.

Although Benjamin dodged to avoid getting hit, he got shot in the arm.

Glancing around the warehouse and seeing a small truck parked inside, Natalie said to Benjamin, “You don’t need to defeat him. Just stall him.” With that, she pushed the gun she held into his hand.

Taking the gun from her, Benjamin launched into a counter-attack.

Gale had thought the duo was unarmed, so he was stunned when Benjamin started shooting at him.

“Benjamin Millers, don’t try to put on a ruse!”

Rage surged within Gale, and he fired several consecutive shots at Benjamin.

All Benjamin could do was hide in the gaps between the piles of goods in the warehouse to dodge the bullets and retaliate when Gale was unprepared.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The loud cracks of their gunshots reverberated throughout the warehouse.

However, just as Benjamin tried to pull the trigger again, he realized he had no more bullets in the gun chamber.

Seeing that he had run out of bullets, Gale cackled coldly.

“Oh, Benjamin. Why did you give up your peaceful life as a noble to work for Mr. Nine? And now, here you are with your life on the line. Do you think it’s worth it?”

Benjamin pressed his lips together and did not respond, his brows tightly furrowed.

He knew there was no way out behind him.

Even if I continue hiding from him like this, I won’t be able to escape the fate of getting cornered by him and killed by a single shot. Don’t tell me it’ll happen as he predicted. Will I meet my end here?

At that moment, the engine of the small truck inside the warehouse roared to life.

Following the rumble of its exhaust pipe, the vehicle sped toward Gale.

Seeing that, Gale gaped in shock, then subconsciously retreated several steps. It had never crossed his mind that the small truck’s engine would suddenly start.

As the vehicle drew nearer, he finally had a clear look at the person in the truck’s cab. It was Natalie!

It was then that he realized Natalie had not been cowering in a corner. Instead, she had slipped quietly toward the truck while he and Benjamin were engaged in a gunfight.

How devious!

He dove out of the way, narrowly avoiding getting run over by the truck and tumbling to the floor in a miserable heap.

Instead of running him over, Natalie had only wanted to divert his attention. After ramming the truck toward him, she reversed it, flung open the front passenger seat’s door, and shouted at Benjamin, “Quick! Get in!”

Catching on at once, Benjamin nodded and swiftly climbed into the truck, ignoring the injury on his arm.

As soon as Natalie saw that he was inside the truck, she floored the accelerator and drove straight toward the warehouse’s doors.

The truck sped off with a squeal of tires as she put the pedal to the metal.

Gale cursed under his breath, then quickly jumped into the off-road vehicle parked at the warehouse’s entrance and gave chase.

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