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A Cue for Love Chapter 825

A Cue for Love Chapter 825

See You In A Different Light

However, Seamus stubbornly refused to say anything.

Natalie’s almond-shaped eyes turned cold, and she warned, “If you tell me where the exit is, you won’t die right away. But if you refuse, you’ll die right here, right now! An intelligent person will know nothing is more important in this world than one’s life.”

Despite her threat, Seamus still clenched his jaw tightly and remained silent.

“It doesn’t seem like you intend to reveal anything. Well, it looks like the next shot will have to be at your heart…” With that, Natalie dug the barrel of the gun into Seamus’ back.

There was no doubt that Seamus was terrified of dying. His heart was in his mouth when he felt the gun’s barrel pressing into his back.

There’s no saying when Mr. Gale will arrive. In any case, I can’t just die here like this!

Just as Natalie was about to pull the trigger, Seamus finally blurted out, “Okay, okay! I’ll tell you! The exit is inside the cabinet next to the power station. It’s not a real cabinet. It’s the only way out of the base.”

Seamus felt as if a weight had been lifted off his chest after saying that.

But just then, two gunshots rang out. Seamus got hit twice, one shot in each knee, and crimson blood started flowing immediately.

Writhing in agony, he shouted, “You b*tch! How could you go against your word? I f*cking told you everything, yet you still shot me!”

“Seems like you were telling the truth,” Natalie responded impassively.

Then, she shot Benjamin a look, indicating for him to let go of the young assistant. After all, he had gotten shot in the joints of each limb. While the injuries would not be fatal, there was no way for him to move at all.

“You b*tch! You dare to trick me?” Seamus glared at Natalie fiercely.

Glancing at him, Natalie replied lightly, “Hush… The more you talk, the faster you’ll lose blood.”

After collecting all the ampoules that possibly contained the antidote, Natalie and Benjamin’s goal changed to getting themselves out of there safely.

Hence, they ignored Seamus as he lay on the floor and hurried toward the power station within the hidden underground research facility. The power station was large and eye-catching, so they quickly found it and located the cabinet.

It looked like a nondescript cabinet, but when Benjamin opened the door, he discovered it led to a dark passageway.

The sirens wailed louder and louder, and they could detect the sound of footsteps approaching from all directions.

“We have no time to lose.”

Worried that the passageway would be unsafe, Benjamin bent down and crawled in first.

Natalie followed him closely, shutting the cabinet’s door behind her.

Besides being dark and cramped, it was hard to see ahead clearly in the passageway, which made it challenging for Benjamin to make his way through.

Finally, it started getting a little brighter. Benjamin pushed aside the hard and hollow manhole cover, only to see that the passageway led to a warehouse above ground filled with goods piled up high.

Natalie and Benjamin had finally escaped safely!

The former walked up to one of the piles of goods and lifted the tarp covering them, only to see a shiny AK rifle before her eyes.

Natalie inhaled sharply. “Firearms?”

An underground bio lab with a warehouse of firearms above it! And on Chanaean soil! It’s simply outrageous!

“There’s no time to look around. We have to hurry up and leave,” Benjamin reminded.


Knowing that they were not out of the woods yet, they did not continue exploring the firearms warehouse and turned to leave.

Alas, when they opened the warehouse’s doors to walk out, their gazes fell upon a man who had a cigarette between his lips and was pointing a gun directly at them.

Blowing a puff of smoke into the air, Gale uttered coldly, “Tsk, tsk, tsk… Natalie Nichols, you’re way more capable than I thought. You possess such exceptional abilities that you even found the escape route from the base. No wonder your twin sister lost to you. You’ve made me see you in a different light time and time again. I don’t even have the words to describe you!”

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