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A Cue for Love Chapter 699

A Cue for Love Chapter 699

A Wonderful Lunch

Lia had never expected Natalie to give such an instruction. After giving it some thought, however, she figured it was probably the best option at that time.

“As for you, Yandel… You will have to make the necessary financial arrangements. The capital chain will be broken in the pharmaceutical section, so we will compensate for the lack of funds using funds from the entertainment section and jewelry section. You know the password to my safe. If you run out of money, you can retrieve some of the items and sell them,” Natalie said seriously.

Yandel nodded. “Got it.”

With that, Natalie finished making the arrangements and giving out the instructions. The three of them couldn’t help but feel amazed by her ability to give out commands so decisively even under huge pressure. It would most definitely require a strong will to pull off such a feat.

After taking a sip of her coffee, Natalie stared at them with a solemn expression as she said, “What happens next will truly test us all. Things are only going to get more intense from here on…”

While Natalie was discussing the strategies with Yandel and the others, the netizens began raging online. It wasn’t long before tons of posts began trending on social media.

Heartless Pharmaceutical Companies Have Lost Their Conscience!

Twenty-Four Year-Old Chairwoman Makes Crazy Profits From Her Evil Ways!

To Hell With Natalie!

Some of those posts even included a voice recording of what Natalie said when she arrived at Dream Corporation in the morning. However, the audio clip had been edited to cut out parts of her sentences. On top of that, her voice had also been modified to sound more shrill and mocking.

“If you’ve called the police, then go home and wait for the police to take action!”

“I’ll have the police arrest you all if you keep causing trouble on my territory!”

With the release of that voice clip, the netizens launched an all-out attack on Natalie, Dream Corporation, Dream Entertainment, and Dream Jewelry. To make matters worse, the netizens who previously defended Dream Corporation had all turned against it overnight. They even went as far as bringing up the harmful side effects that the company’s drugs have caused in the past.

Yandel nearly exploded with anger when he saw that.

“Let me see,” Natalie said calmly while snatching the tablet from his hand.

Yandel’s eyes reddened when he saw Natalie reading through the articles seriously. “Don’t look at all these negative comments, Boss! It’ll ruin your mood!” he whispered.

Natalie put the tablet away after understanding what was going on. “What are we having for lunch today?”

“Huh?” Yandel was confused.

“I said what are we having for lunch today?” Natalie repeated herself with a smile.

It took Yandel quite a while to regain his composure. “I’ll have the assistant order some food for us right away. What would you like to eat, Boss?”

“Let’s have some barbecue!” Natalie glanced at Ross and Lia as she continued, “Since everyone is around, I figured it’d be nice for us to have a barbecue here in my office!”

Yandel simply stared at her with a speechless expression.

“Is that okay?” Natalie asked in confusion.

“O-Of course it is!” Although Yandel was taken aback by Natalie’s request, he would still do as she asked.

It was half-past eleven by the time Yandel set up the electric grill in her office.

He even placed the ingredients neatly beside the grill as he waited for it to heat up.

When the grill was hot enough, Natalie was the only one who started placing the meat on it.

“Well? What are you all waiting for? Hurry up and put those ingredients on the grill!” she urged them with a puzzled look on her face.

Yandel, Ross, and Lia exchanged glances for a few seconds before they did as told.

Soon, Natalie’s office was filled with the aroma of sausages, chicken wings, beef cutlets, and fish.

Seeing the three of them go from being awkward and hesitant to hungrily wolfing down their food made her tear up a little.

The troubles at Dream Corporation have stressed us all out like crazy. I bet they haven’t been eating nor sleeping well in the past few days. Both Dream Corporation and I are truly blessed to have them around.

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