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A Cue for Love Chapter 693

A Cue for Love Chapter 693

 She Is The One I Want

Kenneth was hopping mad.

Over time, Kenneth had unwittingly appreciated Natalie more. His thought about Yara might not have changed, but Natalie held a special place in his heart.

“Where’s Natalie?” Kenneth tried to regain his composure. “You’d better make it clear right in front of the kids. Who do you choose to be with between Yara and Natalie? I’ll not interfere in your decision, but you must make a choice and stop fooling around!”

“She’s the one I want!” Samuel tightened his grip on his arm and pulled Natalie closer to his chest.

Kenneth and Steven followed his line of sight and focused on the woman.

The woman did not have any make-up on, yet she had a bright complexion. The Yara they were familiar with did not seem to look like this. Her sparkly almond-shaped eyes were exceptionally mesmerizing.

Kenneth and Steven were struck dumb when they studied her appearance closely.

They had never seen Yara look like this before!

Kenneth still had not recovered from the rage earlier. He pulled a straight face and said, “Since you’ve made up your mind. I don’t want you to have any regrets! You must treat her well. I’ll talk to Natalie on your behalf and compensate her accordingly. She loved you so much, yet you treat her like this!”

Steven too looked at Samuel in disbelief—he was very disappointed with his brother.

Upon noticing the anger and disappointment on their faces, Natalie thought she had to make a clarification to prevent further misunderstanding.

“I’m not Yara, Grandpa,” Natalie said.

“Yara!” Kenneth was shocked. “What nonsense are you talking about? Who else can you be if you’re not Yara?”

“I’m Natalie.”

Kenneth’s and Steven’s jaw dropped when they heard that.

“What? How is that possible?” Kenneth raised his voice.

“Yara and I look alike because she’s my twin sister,” Natalie explained calmly. “Before this, I had to wear a mask due to some reasons, but now, I don’t need to hide my identity anymore.”


They heard what Natalie said clearly, but somehow, they could not process their thoughts.

After a pause, Kenneth finally asked, “So Franklin and Sophia are not Yara’s children? They’re yours?”

“That’s right,” Natalie answered steadily. “I gave birth to them. Yara took them away from me five years ago. Then, she came to you and claimed that she was the kids’ biological mother.”

Kenneth had long known the story of the quadruplets. After learning that Yara and Natalie were twins, Kenneth finally got a clearer view of the bigger picture. Yara is an imposter!

He could not help but sigh. Yara, oh, Yara. I have such high hopes for you, but you have disappointed me over and again!

“Did you know about this for a long time?” Kenneth pointed at Samuel and asked. “You knew she’s the mother to the children?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded.

“You!” Kenneth gave him a sullen glare. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Didn’t you get someone to do a DNA test on Xavian and Clayton behind my back too?” Samuel retaliated. “You’d already known the truth, hadn’t you?”

“You!” Samuel’s remark rendered Kenneth speechless.

Among all, Steven was the only one in the family who was completely kept in dark. He could not believe his ears when he heard what they said!

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