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A Cue for Love Chapter 692

A Cue for Love Chapter 692

 Toy With Their Feelings

Kenneth walked slowly into the Bowers residence with the help of Steven.

“Did you all intentionally leave me out of this celebration? Do you all find this old man annoying?” Kenneth teased. He did not blame them. “Had Steven not told me about it, I would have missed my great-grandchildren’s fifth birthday celebration!”

Kenneth walked into the living hall.

The four children were pleased that they got to celebrate their birthdays with their parents. They were even more thrilled to have Kenneth and Steven around. They hopped down from the chairs and ran up to their great-grandfather.


Kenneth’s smile broadened when he saw the faces of his great-grandchildren.

“Hey, my little sweethearts.” Kenneth could not bend forward to pick them up, so he could only gently tap them on their back. “Happy birthday to all of you. I hope I get to celebrate your birthdays for years to come, but I don’t know for how long!”

He could not help but feel sad when he thought of his age.

“What are you talking about, Great-grandpa!” Franklin frowned and expressed his dismay. “You’ll live a long life!”

Clayton raised his brows and added, “Yeah. And you’ll be here for our fifteenth and even twenty-fifth birthday celebrations!”

“That’s right!” Xavian concurred. “We must not say bad things on a special occasion like this. Great-grandpa, we forbid you to have such bad thoughts!”

Sophia looked into Kenneth’s eyes and said in a serious voice, “I’m studying medicine with Mommy now, and I’ll become a medical expert one day! I’m sure I’ll be able to treat you whenever you’re not feeling well!”

At Kenneth’s age, death was no longer a taboo subject for him. In other words, he was not afraid of death anymore.

But the love and care these little ones showed him made him want to cry. What else can I say? God has been really gracious to me by blessing me with these precious kids. I’ll die without regrets!

“All right, kids.” Kenneth nodded. “I’ll not say bad things anymore, okay? I promise to live a healthy life and watch all of you grow.”

Kenneth was so focused on talking to the four little ones that he did not pay attention to Samuel and Natalie.

Steven, on the other hand, noticed Natalie from a distance. He was a little surprised to see her there.

Why would Samuel invite Yara to the kids’ birthday party?

Yara might be their biological mothers, but Samuel should know how much Franklin and Sophia hate her, right? How would Natalie feel when she finds out about this? This is going to be awkward!

Upon noticing his reaction, Samuel wrapped his hands around Natalie and asked, “Say what you want to say, Steven.”

Steven was struck dumb upon noticing their intimacy. He cleared his throat loudly and said, “How could you do this? You’re not being fair to…”

Upon hearing Steven’s voice from afar, Kenneth turned his attention to Samuel.

“Yara?” Kenneth too was stunned. He even dropped his walking stick.

“What are you doing here?”

Kenneth did not expect to see Yara at the birthday party. He was even surprised to see how Samuel wrapped his hands around her waist. Are they trying to give me a heart attack? Is Samuel trying to get back with Yara? Has he ditched Natalie?

“Samuel, before this, I did everything I could to matchmake you with Yara, but you said you wanted to be with Natalie. What is this all about? How could you toy with these ladies’ feelings?” Kenneth expressed his dismay.

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