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A Cue for Love Chapter 689

A Cue for Love Chapter 689

Ousting A Rival

Over at the hospital, Natalie was getting a lot of visitors.

Yandel, Ross, and Lia were all there to see her. Also, Hans was there on behalf of the Weisses. Others include Diane and Yohan, who came all the way from Irethiel. All of them barraged her with questions when they saw her.

“Boss, is there anything I can get for you? Apple? Banana?” Yandel asked.

“How are you feeling, Ms. Nichols?”

“Natalie, Yana wanted to come and see you, but I don’t think it’s wise given her condition. What about you video call her when you’re free?”

“Natalie, let me know if you need anything. I might be Irethiel most of the time, but I do know a lot of people in Chanaea.”

Their kindness was overwhelming. When Natalie thought about it, she felt good that there were so many people who cared about her.

While she was talking to her guests, Samuel and Yohan were eyeing each other with animosity outside the ward.

“So, you’re Natalie’s lover?” Yohan questioned with a hand in his pocket, surveying Samuel from the top to the toe.

Samuel tidied his sleeves casually and looked up. “I’m afraid so, Yohan. You’d better channel your hatred elsewhere because nothing’s going to change the love between Natalie and me. We had our first kid when you’re still a minor.”

Samuel spelled every word apathetically, yet everything he said hit home.

“How dare you!”

“In fact, we have four kids now,” Samuel reiterated with a smile. “Three boys and one girl. Our daughter looks just like Nat.”

Then, Samuel’s phone rang.

“Ah! Speaking of the devil,” Samuel noted with a smile. “Do you want to meet Sophia?”

Yohan was already fuming with anger, but Samuel overlooked him and entered a video call with Sophia.

“Daddy! How’s Mommy? I miss her so much. When is she coming back?” A little girl’s voice came from the phone. Her voice was enough to melt anyone’s heart.

“We’re still busy, actually, but we’ll be home soon.”


Samuel shot Yohan a quick look, asking if he wanted to meet the girl.

Despite his disgruntlement, Yohan badly wanted to see Sophia since Samuel said she looked like Natalie.

After an episode of internal conflict, Yohan inched toward Samuel and look at the girl on the phone.

The chubby little munchkin really resembled Natalie. Her eyes were crystal clear and her features were exquisite. It was apparent that she would grow into a beautiful woman as fine as her mother.

“Daddy… who is this…?” “Sophia asked in a curious tone.

“Oh! He’s Mommy’s friend, Mr. Kennedy. He’s a year younger than her.”

Sophia nodded attentively and showed a sweet smile.

“Hi, Mr. Kennedy!”

“Hi, Sophia.”

They talked on for a bit longer and Samuel hung up.

Yohan was fond of the little girl. He told himself he would not be any happier if Sophia were Natalie and his daughter.

“So, what do you think? She’s adorable, isn’t she? I bet your own daughter would be as adorable,” Samuel hinted.

“What are you trying to say?”

“Do I need to make myself any clearer?”

Yohan kept quiet.

“I’m asking you to stay away from my family.”

Truth be told, Yohan actually planned on going all out on Natalie this time before he came, but Samuel’s stance was clear and strong.

Meanwhile, Billy had been listening to their conversation all this while.

He could not help but marvel at how decisive Samuel was when it came to ousting a love rival.

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