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A Cue for Love Chapter 686

A Cue for Love Chapter 686

No Harm Will Befall You

Billy was leaning against the wall and smoking, when he saw Samuel carrying Natalie out of the motel. He dashed over to the car and opened the door when they came out.

He took a peek at the woman in Samuel’s embrace and was astonished. What? Isn’t this Yara? I thought he hates her? Why is he carrying her like he cares for her?

Samuel put Natalie down in the backseat gently, afraid that she might get injured again.

Billy witnessed all this in confusion.

“Just pop the questions.”

Billy hesitated for a moment, but the pressing curiosity in his mind was too great for him to hold back. “Mr. Bowers, I know I’m not in any place to comment on your private life, but I don’t think she’s the one you truly love. It is Ms. Natalie you love, Mr. Bowers.”

“Continue,” Samuel said.

“I know Ms. Yara is Mr. Franklin and Ms. Sophia’s mother, but I really feel Ms. Natalie is the one for you. You can’t be two-timing and cheat on her. She would be broken if she found out.”

Samuel found it funny when he saw how serious Billy was when he was giving him advice.

“Billy, who is it in my arms right now?”

“Ms. Yara.”

“No. It’s Nat,” Samuel corrected, sweeping the bangs away from Natalie’s face so Billy could take a good look.

“W-Wait. How is that even possible?” the assistant asked. “This is clearly Ms. Yara!”

“You’ll know when she wakes up. I’ll ask her to show you the mask she has been wearing all this while. Also, Nat’s Franklin and Sophia’s mother, not Yara. I’m proud of you for speaking up for Nat. You might be working for me, but so long as I’m the head of the Bowers family, she will be mistress of the family. Your loyalty to me is your loyalty to her.”

Billy was moved by Samuel’s dedication to Natalie, but on second thought, he felt what Samuel did for her was what he should do.

“Understood, Mr. Bowers.”

“We’re going to the hospital now.”

Billy nodded in agreement. When he saw the injury on Natalie’s head, he knew a trip to the hospital would be inevitable, so he quickly got ready and headed for the hospital at full speed.

Once they arrived at the hospital, the doctors and director greeted them themselves and got Natalie a VIP room.

“Do a full body check,” Samuel told the director. “I want to know exactly how she’s doing.”

All the staff took his request seriously and got to work.

Natalie’s injury was serious. Not only did she have a concussion, but there was also hemorrhage. The doctors were reluctant on carrying out the surgery, so they opted for a more conservative treatment which allowed the intracranial hematoma to dissolve on its own.

When the doctors reported back to Samuel about their course of action, they did not even dare to look him in the eye.

“When will she be awake?”

“She will probably wake up after the IV drip,” the director said.

“Probably?” Samuel pointed out.

The director was pushed to a tight spot. “She will wake up after that.”

“She’d better.”

The director held his breath and exit the room.

After that, Samuel asked Billy to give him and Natalie some time alone. When everyone was finally gone, he went over to her side and held her hand close to his cheek.

“Have a good rest,” he said, rubbing her hand tenderly. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. I promise you that no harm will ever befall you ever again.”

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