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A Cue for Love Chapter 685

A Cue for Love Chapter 685

She Is All He Cares About

Things quickly escalated into a steamy exchange.

Samuel’s long and strong fingers touched her chin, tilting it upward so he could kiss her from a more comfortable angle.

Their kiss became hot and wild as time passed.

In a daze, Natalie opened her eyes slightly and saw a handsome face close to hers.

His lashes were thick and lush, and the longer she looked into his eyes, the more she felt she was drowning in his charm.

Samuel fixed his gaze on her as if she was his prey, and he was ready to devour her.

“S-Samuel…?” she muttered.

What is he doing here?

I thought he’s on a business trip in Loang?

Have I gone nuts? Am I seeing things because there’s something wrong with my brain?

“Who are you?” she asked repeatedly, her nose tip brushing his. “You can’t be here, can you? There must be something wrong with me. I need to go to the hospital.”

Samuel smiled at what she said.

“I’m right in front of you, Nat. You’re not seeing things.”

“Wait… How could someone in my imagination talk to me? I might be seeing things, but I’m still not crazy.”

Natalie turned to her side, wanting to get up, but Samuel tugged her back to his side.


Pain spread across her lips when Samuel bit.

“Is this enough to prove to you that I’m really here?” he asked. “I’m right in front of you. What makes you think you’re seeing things?”

It was not until then that Natalie came back to her senses.

So my brain is still totally fine after the injury? So the kiss is real, and Samuel is really here.

Natalie wanted to reach for the wound on her head instinctively to check if everything was fine, but Samuel beat her to it. He pushed her hair aside and saw a huge bruise.

Natalie had covered it up with a concealer, but after a whole night of running around, her makeup came off, and her injury was obvious.

“Are you hurt?”

Natalie knew there was no way she could hide anything from Samuel, so she just nodded.

Samuel finally understood why Natalie did not pick up his calls and why she came to a shabby place like this all alone. It was all because she was injured.

“Put your hands around me.”


“Put your hands around me!” Samuel said in a serious tone, albeit still trying to keep his calm. “I’ll carry you.”


She circled her arms around him, and Samuel carried her out. Natalie fell asleep again once she hit a familiar embrace.

The blast she suffered earlier on was an acute one. On top of that, she overextended herself when she set Martin and Yara up after she got injured. It took every ounce of determination in her to pull through the whole journey to the motel after that. Even after hours of rest, she still felt exhausted.

The two daughters of the motel owner happened to be going through some homework with their mother when they saw Samuel and Natalie.

“Wow! Look at them. They’re such a beautiful couple and he adores her.”

“I know right. He’s such a gentleman to carry her.”

Even the hotel owner herself could not take her eyes off them. This was the first time in forty years she saw such a stunning couple.

Samuel walked out of the place without heeding their praises. All he cared about was her.

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