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A Cue for Love Chapter 683

A Cue for Love Chapter 683

I Confused You With Someone Else

It turned out that Yara did not return to the Nichols residence after that. Instead, she booked another room for herself.

Although Martin was physically incapable of doing any harm to her, what happened to her was still harrowing since he confused her for Natalie and tortured her.

The damage she suffered physically was one thing, but the emotional trauma she had to endure was so tormenting that it broke her.

Yara kept herself intact all this while, so it went without saying that what did Martin ruined her.

After she got into this hotel room, she had been scrubbing herself clean over and over again, hoping that she could rub away the filthiness she felt all over her body.

When she finally had had a break and went on the internet, she realized all the news about her was not as disastrous as she imagined.

Just as she was thinking about who was the one who helped her, Samuel came appearing at her door.

His arrival brought her to tears, and she started choking.

“Samuel… I knew it… I knew you would reciprocate my feelings for you after all these years…” she sobbed, her voice soft and coy.

Then, she started explaining herself for the fear of Samuel thinking she was disgusting.

“Samuel, Martin is actually impotent, so we didn’t actually do anything,” she said hastily. She badly wanted this to work out since Samuel had taken the first step. “I can prove to you my virginity if that’s what you want. I mean it!”

Seeing Samuel did not respond to her entreat, she started taking off her sleeping gown, but before she could untie the knot, Samuel reeled back.

“So it’s you,” Samuel exclaimed, his gaze suddenly filled with detest. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in you at all. Stay away from me.”

There was abhorrence written all over his face.

In fact, Samuel was already wiping his clothes clean which Yara had touched them earlier.

“Samuel… What’s going on?”

Yara could not believe her eyes. It was obvious that Samuel cared for her from his reaction when he saw her just now. However, she could not understand why he had suddenly changed his attitude toward her.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me? I thought you helped me!”

“I have mistaken you for someone else,” Samuel replied curtly.

With that said, Samuel left without even looking back at her.

“Samuel!” Yara cried out behind him, her hands clinging to the door. “Please! Come back! Don’t leave me!”

Samuel could hear her clearly, but he was fixated on staying away from her.

Yara, who experienced both joy and grief within a split second, dropped to the floor and broke down in tears.

So he took me for someone else?

Who else could it be?

It finally occurred to her that Samuel had helped her simply because he thought Natalie was the one who was pushed into the eye of the storm.

That was why he could put everything he had at stake to clamp down that scandal.

“Natalie, Natalie, Natalie! Why is it always her?” Yara screamed in agony. She covered her ears in disbelief as she lamented her fate. “I love him more than you do and I’ve been with him for longer than you do. Why is it that he’s so cold toward me?”

Yara bawled her eyes out and started wailing.

“I will get him back! I don’t believe I’ll lose to you forever!”

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