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A Cue for Love Chapter 677

A Cue for Love Chapter 677

How Dare You

Martin hurried over the moment he received the news from Yara. As he expected, he saw someone lying on the ground when he got to the escape route on the twelfth floor.

He thought that this operation had failed, but when he saw a woman covered in blood as she lay in the corner, unconscious and weak, his face lit up in wicked glee. “I have no idea she would be here! I looked high and low for her, but couldn’t find her. I almost thought-”

“Thought what?” a female voice cut him short. She tidied her messy hair and sneered at him. “I handed her to you on a plate, and yet you lost her. You’re so useless.”

“It’s not like you don’t know how sneaky she is,” Martin replied with a vicious grin. “I made sure her hands and legs were securely tied up before I went to shower. God knows she would slip away right under my nose?”

“Whatever. I found her just now, so make sure you don’t lose her again,” she answered, crossing her arms before her chest. “You’d better watch her closely now that she fooled you once. I don’t want you screwing up again, else you wouldn’t even know how you’d end up dying in her hands.”

Martin knew from the bottom of his heart that Yara had no respect for him; yet, he understood that what she said was all true.

“Don’t worry about it. There won’t be a second time.” Martin squinted his eyes as he eyed the unconscious woman nearby vehemently. “Natalie made me a joke in front of the Jacksons. I’ll see to it that everyone in Dellmoor sees her downfall even if I have to die.”

“I’ll hold you to your word then,” she said before taking one last look at him.

With that said, she turned swiftly and vanished behind the emergency exit door.

However, before she could walk any further after she closed the door behind her, a pang of stinging pain shot through her head.

The woman applied pressure on her wound with her hand, only to feel a touch of dampness on her hand.

Her steps halted, and she took a breather. She shook her head, trying to pull herself together. Then, she put on her sunglasses before walking out of the hotel with her head held high.

Over on the other side, Martin hauled the unconscious woman back into the hotel room he prepared.

When he had stripped her bare, he started taking naked photos of her.

Halfway through his debauched act, the unconscious woman came back to her senses. When it dawned upon her that Martin had his camera directed at her private parts, she struggled to break free, groaning in an almost inaudible and muffled tone. “Mm… Mm!”

Her retaliatory moans did not come across clearly. She widened her eyes like saucers, glaring at Martin as if she would rip him into pieces if she were free.

When Martin saw her resisting persistently, he put his phone away and went up close to her. “You’re mine now, Natalie Nichols. No one is going to save you now, but don’t you worry. We have all the time we need to make sure you have a memorable night,” he teased, baring his vulgar teeth at her.

“But before that, let me take a few photos to commemorate this moment before I send them out. I wonder what people will say when they see all these lewd photos. I hope they’re not appalled by how slutty you look.”

“Mmm… mmm!”

Yara retorted in fury when she heard this.

Why is he calling me Natalie? I’m Yara!

What is he going to do to me? He doesn’t even have a penis! How dare he take off my clothes and take all those pictures? Don’t tell me he’s so blind he can’t recognize me.

Her hateful and deterrent glare drilled through Martin as she looked at him. The truth was, she was more incensed than she was fearful. What Martin was doing to her sullied her dignity.

You’d better let me go right now before I skin your alive! You’ll regret the day you were born when I get back at you!

Despite all her struggles, Martin still made his advances. He grabbed her face and pulled her closer. “How dare you look at me like this, Natalie Nichols? You’re no more than a whore!”

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