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A Cue for Love Chapter 673

A Cue for Love Chapter 673

Blame Yourself

“Where did you learn to say all this things, Samuel?”

“It’s a skill I acquired without being taught after I met you.”

Natalie imagined that the man over the phone was sitting at his desk, with a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles perched on his nose as a mischievous and doting smile hung on his lips.

He’s going to have me wrapped around his little finger if this flirting continues.

Right then, Billy’s voice sounded as he asked for instructions regarding his work.

“Let’s end the call now. I’ll let you get back to work.”

“You should hang up first.”


Samuel only put his phone down when he heard that she had ended the call.

Then, he saved the video of her singing at the charity dinner before looking up at Billy. “Tell the team to remove all of these videos on the internet,” he ordered.

“Yes, Mr. Bowers,” the latter answered.

However, he couldn’t help but feel appalled at how possessive Samuel was being over Natalie. It’s just a video of her singing, but he’s being so possessive over it, and he’s not allowing others to enjoy her singing.

Of course, all Billy did was complain inwardly.

He would never dare to say it out loud even if he had nine lives.

On the other side, at Dellmoor.

Shine Charity Gala was successfully held, and it was coming to an end soon.

Natalie was about to bid her goodbyes, but Diane had invited her to have a drink and catch up at the hotel she was staying at Dellmoor.

Taking a look at the time, she knew that her children were already asleep, so she wasn’t in a rush to head home.

More importantly, Samuel wasn’t home.

The woman had already gotten used to his warm embrace. Now that he wasn’t with her, both her heart and body felt empty.

Natalie and Diane left for Imperial Hotel in a Rolls-Royce together.

After Yara left the venue of the dinner, she tailed them closely in her own car.

She stayed on a call with Martin as she continued to drive.

“Follow my location and get ready. You might not get the chance to get your revenge after tonight.”

“Ms. Yara, why can’t you just trust that I am a capable person?” the man said, looking bloodthirsty and evil. “I even hired reporters to come over in the morning. Since she thinks I’m not good enough for her, I’m going to let everyone know just how cheap she is!”

“Good.” A gleeful smile appeared on Yara’s face as she continued, “It seems like you really hate her. I have nothing to worry about, then.”

Soon enough, Natalie and Diane arrived at the hotel.

The latter already had a room there, but Natalie still needed to check in.

She didn’t want the older woman to wait for her, so she quickly said, “Why don’t you head on up first, Lady Diane? I’ll go to your room after checking in and taking a shower.”

“All right. I’ll be waiting for you, Natalie.”


About ten minutes later, Natalie finally got her keycard.

She got into the elevator and pressed the button for the twelfth floor. A moment later, she got out and headed for Room 1288.

The room was at the end of the corridor. However, on her way to the room, someone bashed her head with all their might.


Before she could even react, her vision turned black, and she fainted.

Martin watched as she fall onto the floor, his greedy eyes filled with joy when his plan had gone successfully.

He hoisted her onto his shoulder as if she was a bag of rice and took her to the room he had booked beforehand. Once they were in, he threw her onto the bed and licked his lips with a manic gaze.

“You didn’t think you’d end up in my hands, did you, Natalie?” He grabbed her face forcefully and added, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. You were so ruthless previously when you destroyed my manhood. You were the one who made me go to hell, so why don’t I drag you down along with me? All you can do is blame yourself for this. You can’t blame me for being cruel to you.”

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