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A Cue for Love Chapter 544

A Cue for Love Chapter 544

I Am A Little Dirty

Natalie looked at Samuel’s gleaming eyes, completely lost for words.

His desire for her burned to such an extent that she did not know what to do. After prolonged deliberation, she fell back on the same excuse.

“I haven’t had a chance to take a shower yet.”

“That’s all right. I already have,” Samuel smirked as his eyes twinkled with mischief. “I’m clean enough for the both of us. Unless you mind?”

Natalie did not know how to answer him. She found herself only capable of gazing helplessly into his eyes.

Samuel allowed her anxiousness to simmer, in no hurry to make another move. Instead, he rolled off from her and propped himself up by his elbow to look at her.

“You knew from the start that the kids lied to you about the chauffeur being on leave, didn’t you?”

“Not exactly,” she answered modestly before turning around and mirroring Samuel’s pose to face him. “I did not think much of it, to be honest. At that moment, I was more concerned with fulfilling my children’s needs. It turned out well. I was rewarded with the chance to see another adorable side of them today!”

In an effort to obtain Kenneth’s approval, the children came together and stretched the limits of their ingenuity for the sake of their mother.

The gesture filled her with a powerful sense of maternal pride that made her feel more appreciative of their effort.

Samuel was not convinced. “If my grandfather decides to harm you one day…”

“He wouldn’t do anything with the kids around.” Natalie pinched Samuel’s tall nose bridge reassuringly. “Besides, you would come running to swoop me out of danger, wouldn’t you? You saw how I was completely fine earlier, didn’t you? You were just worried that I can’t handle it myself, that’s all. I won’t allow your grandfather to walk all over me, I promise.”

Samuel did not hear a word of it. All he could think about was how attractive she was to have stood her ground against his grandfather.

Unable to bear it any longer, he grabbed hold of Natalie’s wrist and with a sudden flip, placed himself on top of her once again.

“We are supposed to talk! Why have you…”

“We have some unfinished business from the car.” Samuel pecked Natalie on the lips as he spoke. “Don’t give me your pathetic excuses. If I hear it again I will escort you to the bathroom and scrub you down myself.”

Natalie’s face reddened by several degrees.

Since when did his flirting skills improve to such a degree to be able to reduce me to nothing but a blushing mess?

Samuel took her silence to be a sign of consent. After another deep kiss, he let go of his incessant and tireless desire for her after she pled for her life.

Several days later, the field trip planned by the childrens’ kindergarten to a ski resort located on the outskirts of town was finally coming true.

The four children packed their suitcases earlier that day under the supervision of Gavin in preparation for the day trip.

The children discussed the trip with excitement while they ate, even proposing to bring an insulated flask to bring some snow back from the resort for Natalie.

In fact, Natalie was no stranger to snow, having experienced heavy snowfall in Loang.

Gavin felt that the children’s gesture was redundant. “There’s no need to go through all that trouble, children. The snow is-”

Before he finished his sentence, Natalie interrupted, “I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!” she gushed as she placed the flask into Sophia’s backpack.

“Alright, Mommy!”

The children carried their backpacks excitedly and boarded the bus chartered by the kindergarten after waving goodbye to Natalie.

Gavin gazed sideways at Natalie. “Ms. Natalie, you once told me that you’ve seen real snow, right? Why did you let the children go through all the extra trouble?”

“That’s true,” Natalie concurred, her eyes twinkling as she smiled. “But I’ve never seen snow that was collected by my children! It will be a delight to see what they bring me in the flask.”

Gavin felt his profound respect for Natalie rise upon pondering the wisdom in her answer.

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