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A Cue for Love Chapter 542

A Cue for Love Chapter 542

Saw Them With My Own Eyes

Natalie’s breathing eased as she eyed her twin sister approach.

With all the swagger in the world, Yara’s high heels crunched on the gravel as she sauntered elegantly toward the driver’s side of the Hummer before knocking on the glass and motioning for Samuel to wind down the window, indicating that she wanted to have a word with him.

Despite the repeated knocks, Samuel smoothed his crumpled shirt with no intention of doing as he was asked.

With the flame of his passion doused rudely with cold water by Yara, his patience had finally worn out.

“Yara looks as if she has something to say to you.” Natalie glanced uncertainly at her twin sister.

“Just ignore her,” Samuel said in the same tense voice as the lines on his face.

Natalie frowned. “Are you sure?”

She was not worried about the possibility of Samuel succumbing to Yara’s charms. On the contrary, she was merely curious as to what they would have in common to discuss.

“If I were to speak to any other irrelevant women in front of you, the only woman who matters to me is a sign of disrespect to you.” Samuel turned around and straightened the edges of his jacket covering her. “You don’t have to test me. I promise you, I will never be unfaithful.”

What test?

“I’m not testing you, Samuel,” she said, her eyes wide with incredulity.

“It doesn’t matter to me even if you are. My pledge will never change.” Samuel adjusted her buttons as his eyes gleamed with the earnestness of his declaration. “I might have ripped off the buttons on your coat.”

Sure enough, Natalie discovered that two of the buttons had fallen somewhere on the floor.

I wonder what a mess we have made, or how loud we were. It must have been intense. Despite the fog on the windows, Yara might have seen something.

“What have you done, Samuel?” Natalie cried as she flushed crimson.

“Hush now. I’ll buy you a new one when we get back.” Samuel smiled indulgently at her. “If you’re still upset, we’ll keep shopping until you are happy.”

Natalie glared at Samuel with suspicion.

Outside of the Hummer, Yara had been knocking for several minutes but to no avail.

Not only did the window not open after nearly fifteen minutes of knocking, but the Hummer had also completely disregarded Yara’s presence by disappearing down the road with a sudden roar of its powerful engine. It was beyond the horizon and out of sight within half a minute.

Yara gazed after the Hummer, biting her lip so hard that her teeth punctured her skin and caused two streams of blood to flow down her lips.

Earlier, when she had received word from Jefford that Natalie and Samuel had arrived at Kenneth’s home, she had rushed over at once only to have visceral evidence of Samuel’s tender side toward another woman seared into her memory.

Samuel had been nothing but cold to her from the time she showed up with Franklin and Sophia at the Bowers residence five years ago.

The frequent scowl he wore caused her to assume that he was equally cold to every single person he came across.

It was until that night that she had seen with her own eyes the extent of Samuel’s possessiveness toward the woman he loved and how maniacally drunk he had been on the love he had for her.

How perfect life would be if I were the woman in his arms instead of Natalie! Looks like her disappearance is the only way to ensure I get what I want. This time, I’m not going to hold back as I did five years ago.

Yara wiped the blood from her lips with a finger before trudging slowly up the stairs to the house.

Jefford came running at her arrival. “Good evening, Ms. Yara. Mr. Bowers, Natalie, and the children have left just before you-”

“I know.” Yara gave a mirthless laugh. “I ran into them just as I was coming in. What happened here tonight?”

“Old Mr. Bowers has changed his opinion about Natalie,” he reported.

“Rather drastically, in fact.”

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