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A Cue for Love Chapter 529

A Cue for Love Chapter 529

Ulterior Motive

“Great-grandpa often buys me strawberry pudding in the past.” Sophia’s eyes brimmed with tears as she recounted. “But now that he has been sweet-talked by that bad woman, he doesn’t believe my words anymore!”

Likewise, Franklin heaved a deep sigh.

He had immense love for Kenneth. However, that reason was not compelling enough for him to compromise and acknowledge Yara as their mother.

Xavian and Clayton took out two aircraft models from the cabinet.

“This is…”

“Franklin, this is a gift from your great-grandpa to us!” Clayton said with a serious look on his face. “He mentioned that he has got someone to prepare him three models, and one of them is for you. But because you all aren’t on good terms, he didn’t dare gift it to you.”

With his eyes glued on the plane model, Franklin’s expression changed a little.


Xavian nodded. “Clayton and I have no idea he’s your great-grandpa at that time. We could tell his love for his grandchildren through our interaction with him then.”

The heads of the four kids drooped over their shoulders, and the brows on their adorable faces scrunched tightly.

Indeed, there was nothing they had to be doubtful of toward each other.

Be it toward Sophia, Franklin, Xavian, or Clayton, Kenneth loved them equally. Nonetheless, there was no way they could continue to get along with him if he remained resentful toward Natalie.

Just as worry shrouded the three brothers, Sophia smacked herself on her head and exclaimed, “I have an idea! Why don’t we make Great-grandpa change his mind about Mommy?”

It was as though her words came as enlightenment that the boys instantly agreed in unison.

“That’s right! Perhaps Old Mr. Bowers doesn’t like her because he hasn’t got to know Mommy well!”

“Given that we like Mommy so much, there’s no way Great-grandpa will not like her!”

“We can definitely try that!”

And so, the four of them huddled together and started rattling off ideas they had in their mind. Confidence grew within them as they came up with a perfect plan.

In the blink of an eye, it was three days later.

Malcolm was getting ready to head back to Mount Surya, and Natalie and Samuel wanted to send him off at the airport.

At the thought that he was leaving soon, Malcolm could not help but feel his heart twinged with pain.

“Old Man, I’ve peeled this for you.” Natalie pulled out a bag of de-shelled pumpkin seeds and stuffed it in his hand. “You can munch on them if you’re craving a snack during the journey.”

Malcolm took the bag of pumpkin seeds.

“I knew you adore me the most among my three apprentices.” As he said that, he threw an annoyed glance at Samuel. “Look at you. You’re in no way comparable to Natalie.”

Samuel uttered, “Nat has never cracked pumpkin seeds for me. If you continue showing off, I’ll make sure you won’t be able to bring them onto the plane with you.”

Sensing the man’s immense jealousy, Malcolm hastily clutched the bag tightly in his arms.

I’ve always thought Samuel is uninterested in women, not even the prettiest ones. But look at how possessive he is now… Tsk tsk. How scary!

“Samuel, I’d like to have a word with Natalie alone.”

Samuel turned and headed to the vending machine not too far away to buy a drink for Natalie so that Malcolm would have some time alone with Natalie.


Malcolm advised, “Dexmed Pharmaceutical should have long lost its footing ever since Arnold’s passing. But given it manages to survive and even remain so glamorous on the outside, I bet there must be a powerful hidden force in the dark. I know you’ve been bothered by your mother and your granddad’s matter. When I left the mountains this time, I mobilized my connections to help you investigate in secret.

However, I couldn’t find any helpful information. I’ve thought about it; the only possibility is that the hidden force is too powerful, and that’s why even the people I’ve enlisted couldn’t seem to advance in investigations. I’m sure the hidden force must have ulterior motives that he’d agree to help Dexmed Pharmaceutical so readily.”

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