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A Cue for Love Chapter 528

A Cue for Love Chapter 528

Hold It In

“Grandpa, you…” Yara looked at her hand in disbelief.

“No need,” Kenneth responded as he sat down with a dark expression. “I’m not that weak. I can still sit down on my own.”

Yara was confused as to why Kenneth was upset. However, after what happened, she merely stood there beside Kenneth like how a youngster should behave—her prideful nature nowhere to be seen.

Even at that moment, Kenneth was still unsettled. He was repeatedly knocking on the carpeted floor with his cane.

Back then, he considered Natalie a sly fox out to cause trouble.

But now, he realized that he was being really ignorant.

Realizing how awkward things look, the butler went and brought some soup over.

Yara took some out and served it up to Kenneth in a small bowl. “It’s a cold day, so have something hot, Grandpa?”

However, Kenneth did not accept it.

So, Yara pursed her lips and waited by Kenneth with the bowl in her hand.

Soon enough, her hands got sore and started shaking, but Yara bit her lips and held on to the bowl. In the end, she failed to push through and spilled the boiling soup onto her hand because of the trembling.

Kenneth caught a glimpse of Yara’s hands that had turned red from the corner of his eye and said with a frown, “What are you doing? Why did you burn yourself?”

“I know I must’ve done something wrong and upset you, Grandpa.” Yara slowly raised her head. “If I did something wrong, you can always tell me, Grandpa. I’ll definitely change.”

Kenneth was Yara’s final trump card, so he was important to her, and she sounded very sincere.

At that moment, Kenneth figured he had misunderstood Natalie, but Yara did nothing wrong. Moreover, she gave the Bowers family Franklin and Sophia.

He realized that he was taking his anger out on Yara, and that was not right. So, he waved his hand.

“Forget about it! I’m just tired. You shouldn’t be so paranoid about things. You did nothing wrong. Don’t overthink it.”

“Grandpa.” Yara looked away as tears welled up in her eyes. “You’re the only person I can rely on now that Samuel no longer favors me. If even you think that I’m not needed in this family and that I’m a burden, my hard work all these years would have just been a joke.”

Seeing how Yara was, Kenneth was reminded of all the times she took care and accompanied him throughout the years and felt a little heartbroken for her.

“I like you, Yara,” Kenneth said. “But love is the one and only thing in this world that we cannot force. Even if Samuel doesn’t marry you, I still hope that you can find happiness and live a wonderful life!”

“But Grandpa.” Yara was still reluctant.

“Let’s stop here. I’m tired,” Kenneth said before he walked out of the study with his cane in hand and an exhausted expression.

He was having an information overload from what happened and wanted to be alone.

Meanwhile, Yara merely watched Kenneth as he left with her fist clenched.

She was in disbelief as she never expected that Kenneth, who had been supporting her all that time, would have a change of heart.

It was obvious that Kenneth was implying that he had thought about allowing Natalie to be Samuel’s wife.

Yara wiped away her tears with her handkerchief, revealing the coldness in her eyes. At that moment, she no longer looked fragile and vulnerable.

On the other hand, Malcolm had sent the children back home.

Back at home, the kids continued talking about Kenneth in their bedroom.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Great-grandpa keeps shoving that bad woman to Daddy, he’s actually very good to us!” Sophia said with a saddened expression.

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