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A Cue for Love Chapter 527

A Cue for Love Chapter 527

Too Many Surprises

At that moment, Xavian, Clayton, and even Malcolm’s expressions darkened.

“So you were lying, Grandpa. You don’t like our mommy,” Xavian said with a saddened expression.

“Don’t feel sad, Xavian.” Clayton took Xavian’s hand and turned toward Kenneth. “Since Grandpa hates Mommy, we’ll just have to cut ties with him!”

Even though the brothers were close with Kenneth, Natalie was the only choice they would make if forced to choose between the two.

Kenneth felt terrible and was at a loss for word.

Right then, Malcolm spoke begrudgingly. “Kenneth, let me tell you this. Your grandson is my senior apprentice, while Natalie is my junior apprentice. She’s a great person. Your great-granddaughter has already said it as nicely as she could. If it were me, I would have said that you were blind!”

Kenneth had experienced too many surprises in that one day, but what Malcolm said still gave him another round of shock.

“What did you just say? She’s your apprentice as well?”

“Of course!” Malcolm brushed his beard and replied angrily. “I’m not the type that would accept apprentices on a whim. That’s why I only have three apprentices so far. Your grandson is one of them, and the second is someone you don’t know. Natalie is the third!”

“Is she that good?”

“What nonsense is this!” Malcolm slammed his hand on the table. “Even though she’s a woman, she’d be better than your grandson if she grew up in a better environment! She always tells me how proud she is to have me as her master. But let me tell you, in a few years’ time, I would be the one proud to have her as my apprentice!”

“Then, the prescriptions that I showed you…”

“Don’t tell me Natalie was the one who wrote them?” Malcolm figured it out immediately.

At that point, no matter how reluctant Kenneth felt, the facts were all laid out in front of him.


“No wonder I thought those prescriptions were amazing!” Malcolm slapped his thigh in ecstasy. “They were from my favorite apprentice! How could they not be?”

With that, gathering ended on a rather sour note.

Malcolm left the fast-food restaurant with the children and left Kenneth there alone.

Kenneth could not bear the contempt the kids and his friend had for him and crumpled to the seat behind him as soon as his legs gave in.

How could this be?

He had always thought that Natalie somehow bewitched Samuel and talked his great-grandchildren into hating their own mother.

With that being his impression of Natalie, Kenneth never sought to understand more about her. He would have never expected that what he heard that day would shatter everything he thought he knew about Natalie.

In the end, there was nothing he could say.

If it were not for the outstanding education she gave her two children, he would not be sitting there at all.

Suddenly, he was reminded of the phone call from before and realized that the familiar voice he was talking to was none other than Natalie’s.

He figured only a woman with a heart of gold would treat an old total stranger that patiently and considerately.

In a daze, Kenneth returned to the Bowers residence.

And as soon as he got off the car, the butler noticed that Kenneth did not look so good, so he immediately offered assistance.

“Sir, are you okay? Let me help you inside.”

Kenneth stayed quiet, but the exhaustion got the better of him, so he had no choice but to allow the butler to support him along the way.

“Sir, Ms. Yara just arrived,” the butler told Kenneth. “She’s waiting for you in the study.”

“Let’s head over then.”

Upon Kenneth’s arrival at the study, Yara immediately went up to them and shot a look at the butler.

The butler caught on and let go of Kenneth to let Yara take his place beside him.

That said, Kenneth instinctively brushed her off before she could place her hand on him.

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