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A Cue for Love Chapter 519

A Cue for Love Chapter 519

Natalie Used To Have Aphasia Too

Malcolm was stunned briefly, but he was not surprised that Samuel would ask him this question.

“Are you sure you want to know?” Mr. Bowers finished his cup of tea calmly. He looked straight into Samuel’s eyes and said solemnly, “She had gone through a lot!”

“Master, I sincerely want to know everything about her…” Samuel replied.

He had guessed that Natalie was hurt before. Thus, it made him even more determined to find out what happened to her in the past five years.

“Fine, I will tell you.” Malcolm put his teacup on the saucer and said, “The current Natalie may seem clever and sly like a fox, but she was different when I first met her. It was Mr. Jones who brought her to me.”

Malcolm took a deep breath and continued, “He said that Natalie was the granddaughter of his good friend and asked me to save her life no matter what. At the time, there were blood and burns all over her body. She was holding two bloodied babies tightly in her arms.”

Samuel had mentally prepared himself, but he could not help but gasp upon hearing Malcolm. No wonder Natalie always says that she is fine whenever she is injured. It turns out that those injuries were nothing to her because she had experienced more horrific ones…

Fury rippled in Samuel’s eyes, but he did not know what to say.

“Samuel, I can never forget what I saw then.” Malcolm’s eyes turned red as he thought of the past. “I can’t describe to you the severity of her injuries. Her condition was far worst than the two babies. However, she refused to let me check her. Instead, she begged me to see the babies first. She feared for her children as they were small and weak…”

Malcolm paused before continuing, “Although I wanted to save her urgently, I also needed to respect her wish. Therefore, I quickly checked the two babies. Once I was done and went to examine her, she was already on the verge of death but forced herself to cling on to life. After saving her life, I felt rather proud of myself. I thought that I had incredible medical skills and saved her from death. Now, thinking back… Although I was skilled, it was her willpower that helped her pull through! Such determination is even beyond your reach… Later, she followed me to the mountain to recuperate. Likely due to the severe trauma, she could not say a word for half a year.”

“What? She suffered from aphasia?” Samuel frowned and felt pained as if someone had stabbed his heart.

He remembered how Sophia could not speak in the past.

It seemed that they are truly mother and daughter. They both lost their ability to speak from trauma.

“Yes! She stayed with Mrs. Trevor and me quietly.” Malcolm stroked his beard and sighed. “Natalie did her best to repay me for saving her and her children’s life. Even when she was busy raising her two children, she assisted me in the lab. She even learned to plant medicinal herbs and helped me save many rare herbs from dying. Mrs. Trevor and I liked her, so I offered to take her in as my disciple. She couldn’t speak then, so she prostrated herself before Mrs. Trevor and me. I’ve never witnessed such sincerity in anyone else!”

As Samuel listened to Malcolm, he finally realized why Natalie kept rejecting him.

She seems heartless and appears as if she has everything under her control. In actuality, she is all covered in bad memories and scars. Perhaps I can only find out about this from my master since Natalie always kept everything to herself. She would never tell me even if I asked her.

“How did she regain her ability to speak?” Samuel asked.

“She wanted to teach Xavian and Clayton…” Malcolm paused before continuing, “Natalie did not want to miss out on teaching her children to speak. Therefore, she forced herself to learn to speak every day. She had to relearn everything from scratch.”

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