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A Cue for Love Chapter 518

A Cue for Love Chapter 518

You Must Not Provoke Him

The following morning, Natalie opened her eyes and found herself in Samuel’s embrace.

Samuel was still asleep. His facial features seemed exquisite up close, and his lips pursed slightly, forming a thin line.

I thought I had fallen asleep in the car last night. Did Samuel carry me to bed? It must be him. I don’t think anyone else would dare to do that.

It felt blissful to wake up in the arms of the man she loved.

Therefore, Natalie could not help but smile and glide her finger along his nose bridge. Then, she slid her finger down onto his lips.

His lips feel soft. Why do they seem so fierce when kissing?

As Natalie was thinking, a gruff voice sounded. “Do you like what you see?”

Natalie did not expect to be caught in the act and was too stunned to speak.

One should never provoke a man in the early morning, especially a man as virile as Samuel. Therefore, Natalie decided to play safe.

“Good morning, I’ll go and check the children…” Natalie said.

Before Samuel could do anything, Natalie quickly peeled off the blanket and escaped out of the bedroom.

Samuel watched Natalie running away. He propped his head on his arm and smiled affectionately. He couldn’t blame her for escaping.

What can I do? I can’t help wanting to claim her for myself all the time. I wish I could hold her to myself and never let go.

Natalie washed up in the bathroom before heading to the dining room for breakfast.

The four children sat at the dining table. They were chatting while enjoying breakfast.

Natalie had just taken a seat at the dining table when the children rushed to put food on her plate.

“Mommy, this is your favorite sunny side up…”

“Mommy, you should try this bacon…”

“Mommy, these cheese slices are nice…”

“Mommy, this strawberry yogurt is tasty…”

Natalie saw her empty plate instantly piled up with food. She smiled happily and said, “Yup! I will finish all the food you have given me.”

When Samuel came downstairs, he saw the four children surrounding Natalie.

He couldn’t help feeling a little jealous as he saw how close they were to Natalie. However, when he saw their smiling faces, he couldn’t resist smiling too.

Suddenly, Samuel remembered what happened at Acapella last night. His heart sank as he recalled Malcolm’s silence when Natalie toppled a teacup.

Being taken in as a disciple should be a happy occasion. Why did she panic?

After breakfast, Billy arrived to send Samuel to work.

Once they got into the car, Billy wanted to update Samuel on work, but Samuel interrupted him. “I’m not going to the company. Send me to Imperial Hotel. I want to talk to my master…”

“Mr. Bowers, what about this morning’s meeting…” Billy said.

Samuel pursed his lips and replied, “Cancel it.”

Seeing that Samuel was determined, Billy had no choice but to obey and send him to Imperial Hotel’s entrance.

When Samuel arrived to meet Malcolm, he was telling Donna what had happened recently.

Then, Malcolm poured Samuel a cup of tea and said with a smile, “Mrs. Trevor heard about you and Natalie. She wanted me to tell you that if you dare to bully Natalie, she will come for your head!”

Samuel nodded.

Natalie was a lovable person, so he was not surprised that Donna cared about her. Instead, he would find it strange if she disliked her.

“We had just met yesterday, and now, you are here to see me again…” Malcolm glanced at Samuel and said cautiously, “Does it have something to do with Natalie? What brings you here?”

Samuel took a sip of tea and frowned. “Master, I would like to ask you what happened to Nat in the past. Why does she always seem unsettled whenever I mention an apprenticeship with you?”

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