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A Cue for Love Chapter 516

A Cue for Love Chapter 516


Natalie’s eyelashes fluttered as she said nonchalantly, “It’s really nothing.”

How is this nothing?

Samuel was irked by Natalie’s response, but when he lifted his head to glower at her, he noticed the helplessness in her eyes.

Natalie was an intelligent woman—some might even describe her as cunning, so it was rare to see her so lost.

Thinning his lips, Samuel refrained from further comment as he continued to tend to her injured hand.

Malcolm watched the scene unfold before him. With a sigh, he took a sip of his tea.

It’s no wonder Natalie would react this way.

The memory of when he first met Natalie resurfaced in his mind. “Gruesome” would be an apt description for her condition then.

Recalling the events was hard for even him, as a passerby. He could not imagine how tormenting it must be for her to revisit such a dark past.

Samuel deftly tended to Natalie’s burn wound. His frown deepened when he realized that Malcolm too, had no intention to answer his question.

Why are they so reluctant to talk about Natalie’s recruitment?

“Well, since Natalie’s hand is fine and we’ve drunk the tea, let’s have some food.” Malcolm quickly changed the subject. “Natalie, there’s no one but us here, and it’s been a while since we met. Why don’t you take off the mask? I’m more fond of your natural look.”

Natalie readily complied and took off her hyper-realistic mask.

Dinner was served.

Malcolm was in seventh heaven as he ate and drank to his heart’s content.

Age was taking a toll on Malcolm, so Donna was strict about his alcohol intake. Now that he was free from her watchful eyes, Malcolm downed drink after drink without care.

Mildly inebriated, Malcolm patted Samuel’s hand and said in a guttural voice, “You must take care of Natalie! This woman is amazing! I only have sons and no daughter of my own, so my wife and I treat her as our own daughter. She’s precious to us, so don’t you dare treat her bad! If she’s upset because of you, Donna and I will chase you to the ends of the world to break both your legs!”

With drunkenness came the truest of words. Everything Malcolm had said came from the bottom of his heart.

“Master!” Natalie felt a lump in her throat. Although she enjoyed bantering with Malcolm and going against his wishes, she was grateful for everything Malcolm and Donna had given her.

Samuel patiently listened to Malcolm’s nagging and solemnly vowed, “Don’t worry. Nat is the love of my life. I’ll take good care of her.” Even if he had to give up his life for Natalie, he would do it willingly.

Pleased, Malcolm nodded and chuckled. “All right, Samuel. I’ll hold you to your words. I’ll have my eye on you until my last breath.”

After the gathering, Samuel instructed Billy to send Malcolm back to his hotel.

Samuel did not drink any alcohol, so he brought Natalie back to the Bowers residence.

The events of the day came flooding back as Natalie stared at Samuel’s exquisite profile.

The public announcement by Dream Corporation was a success, and the anticancer drug trial was underway. Yara had been riled up, and Natalie’s senior turned out to be Samuel…

Satisfaction bubbled up within Natalie as she reminisced about the day.

Although the rest of her journey would be no easy feat, Natalie was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her—a vast difference from where she was five years ago.

The air-conditioning in the vehicle was just right, and the effects of alcohol were hitting Natalie. The calming atmosphere created the perfect lullaby as Natalie drifted off.

Moments later, the car pulled up in front of the Bowers residence. Samuel turned to tell Natalie that they had arrived home, only to see Natalie sound asleep.

Her chest rose and fell rhythmically along with her deep breaths. Her lashes quivered lightly from the puffs of air, and her flawless complexion seemed to glow under the silvery moonlight.

Samuel did not wake her up.

Instead, he turned in his seat and propped his head in his hand, his warm gaze settling upon her sleeping face.

Perhaps it was because of love, but Samuel felt like he could spend an eternity just watching this beautiful woman.

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