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A Cue for Love Chapter 1232

A Cue for Love Chapter 1232-Natalie studied Bastien closely.

Sure enough, he’s the one who resembles Mikhail most among the latter’s many sons. His first instinctive reaction seems… exactly the same as his father’s.

Smiling, she shook her head. “Twenty years ago, I’ve never enjoyed the glory and prestige brought by the royal family. After more than twenty years have passed now, I similarly don’t need all that now. I’ve got no interest in being a princess or a queen in the future. Don’t you think it’s better to maintain the status quo?”

Verily, those words of hers were far too casual and nonchalant.

Although Loang wasn’t a huge country with vast territories, the fight for the position of the monarch was often accompanied by siblings killing each other throughout the ages. At the end of the day, no one with a stake really had zero desire for power.

Bastien was silent for a very long time.

Haha. the things I’d once cared about turned out to be wholly worthless in her eyes.

He wavered time and again, but ultimately, he couldn’t resist giving voice to the question he wanted to ask yet dared not do so. “Don’t you… Don’t you hate me? I once did such a thing to you and even almost… wronged you greatly.”

“The Bastien I know is the man filled with righteousness and would stand up for others in the very beginning. Later, you merely strayed from the path and misunderstood the meaning of love. True love has never been about possession regardless of the cost.” Staring right into his eyes, Natalie enunciated, “Even without the blood ties between us, I still wouldn’t have loved you. It isn’t because of your character or because Samuel made my acquaintance earlier. Feelings can’t be forced.”

To that very day, she had no idea what exactly she liked about Samuel.

However, it was a fact that she had fallen in love with him. Her feelings for him were so intense that they had seemingly been engraved into the marrow of her bones and melded into her blood.

Her love for him made it so that no other men existed for her. He was the one and only person in her eyes and heart.

“In the future, you’ll meet a girl who truly loves you and whom you love in return. I’m not all that magnanimous, but in all honesty, I can’t bring myself to hate you, perhaps because of the same blood flowing through our veins. Or maybe it’s because I truly regarded you as a friend when we first met,” Natalie elaborated breezily.

At her words, Bastien’s lips curved into a faint arc that brimmed with bitterness.

Compared to her, I’m far too small-minded. I selfishly wanted to possess her, yet she chose to let go of all grudges after having been through so much. Truly, what a failure I am!

“Can we really… still be friends?” Bastien ventured with a smile.

“Given a choice between friends, family, and lover, I think we re more suited to be friends.” Pausing briefly, Natalie continued, “I also heard that the king of Loang commended your performance during the coup and issued an edict designating you as the crown prince. Congratulations. Thus, I hope you are worthy of the weight of the crown you wear and become a good king in the future, giving Loang’s citizens a prosperous life.”

Bastien Inclined his head a fraction in acknowledgment.

“Okay. I’ll definitely do that.”

He had experienced much In the past, tasting sweetness, bitterness, love, and hatred. But right then, all that was no longer important.

It would all become nourishment to his path in the future, making him an even more clear-headed and wise king.

“What does mice like to eat?” Bastien asked out of the blue.

Startled for a moment, Natalie reflexively blurted, “Cheese!”

Before she could fathom why he suddenly asked that question, the sound of a camera shutter rang out. Only then did realization abruptly dawn upon her that he had snapped a photo of her in her wedding gown.

Brandishing the camera in his hand, Bastien explained, “If your wedding were within the borders of Loang, Father would definitely make every effort to attend.

Unfortunately, this is Chanaea, after all. There are many restrictions, and he can’t make it over. So, I’m taking a photo of you to bring back for him to see. You’re already beautiful usually, but you’re even more stunning today. It’s really a pity that he can’t witness such a precious moment personally…”

Hearing that, Natalie merely smiled.

I don’t think this is Mikhail’s regret alone. Perhaps his absence at my wedding is also an indescribable regret deep within my heart.

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