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A Cue for Love Chapter 1231

A Cue for Love Chapter 1231-After listening to Natalies heartfelt advice, Luna pondered for a while before bobbing her head.

“Okay, I’ll consider it seriously“

Just then, she was finally done attaching Natalie’s veil. Beaming from ear to ear, she gazed at the latter in the mirror.

‘Honestly speaking, Natalie, I both envy and admire you tremendously. You possess a great deal of courage that I lack. That aside, you and Mr. Samuel love each other. You’re willing to go to the ends of the world for him, and he has no qualms about sacrificing himself for you. If there’s a kind of love in this world people yearn for the most, I think it must be the love between you both. I really hope that the two of you will be together forever, living happily ever after.”

Natalie admired herself in the mirror as she listened to Luna’s blessings. In response, she nodded solemnly. “We will. That’s for certain!”

Outside the door, a series of knocks abruptly split the air.

When Luna heard that, a grin appeared on her face, and she commented, “It must be Mr. Samuel, eager to see you!” While saying that, she walked toward the door of the dressing room. The instant she opened the door and made out the person at the door, the smile on her face promptly froze.

“W-Who are you?”

Having never seen the man, she gaped at him blankly for a moment before looking him up and down.

“This is the dressing room… Who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Natalie.”

“You’re looking for… the bride? Who are you? And why are you looking for her?” Luna demanded without shifting aside to allow him entry.

The question regarding his relationship with Natalie had Bastien at a loss for words. He didn’t quite know how to describe the somewhat “twisted” ties between them. Once, there were friendship and courtship between them. And now, there might even be kinship.

Yet, he couldn’t think of a clear and accurate word that could truly depict the connection between him and Natalie.

At the sight of him pursing his lips tightly, unable to answer her question, Luna Immediately frowned. Raising her voice, she declared, “Please leave if you can’t specify your relationship with Natalie. It’s the dressing room here, so please don’t disrupt the bride having her make­up done.”

She might appear gentle, but in truth, her obstinate nature was comparable to that of Natalies.

As the man’s attendant, Joseph was seized by the urge to speak up when Luna rebuked Bastien harshly.

However, a look from the latter stopped him short. After all, Bastien wasn’t there as part of Loang’s royal family that day. Instead, he merely came in a personal capacity.

Therefore, a stalemate ensued at the door.

Sensing that something must have happened, Natalie headed to the door slowly while holding up the hem of her wedding dress.

“What’s wrong, Luna?”

When she saw that it was Bastien standing at the door, a faint glimmer of surprise flashed across her eyes. In the next heartbeat, she regained her calmness and remarked placidly in a familiar tone used among long-time friends, “I reckoned that you would come, and sure enough, you came.”

At that, Bastien bobbed his head. “Yeah.”

Luna glanced at Bastien before shifting her gaze back to Natalie. She couldn’t help querying, “You’re… acquainted with him, Natalie?”

“Yeah. He’s my friend,” Natalie replied smilingly. Then, she added, “Can you please go and check on the preparations outside, Luna?”

Cottoning on to her meaning, Luna agreed with a nod, “Sure. I’ll go out and take a look at things.”

As she left, Joseph likewise excused himself.

Following that, Bastien and Natalie were the only ones left in the dressing room.

It was their first time meeting each other again after recuperating from their injuries since the coup during the wedding at Luna Palace.

Natalie cast a glance at Bastien’s leg and inquired, “Is your leg okay?”

“It’s much better now. My motor nerves have been affected to some extent, but Dr. Dalton has already advised me about it. As long as I persist in doing rehabilitation, my leg can recover completely after half a year;1 Bastien answered.

After replying to her question, he asked in return, “What about you?”

“I merely suffered a flesh wound, so I recovered perfectly fine with just some food and rest.”

“I trust Father would have undoubtedly proposed that you return to the royal family so that he could appoint you as his heir apparent before crowning you as the queen in the future, considering his character. Why did you turn him down? You’re an actual princess. Why are you reluctant to return to the royal family?” Bastien questioned, a frown marring his countenance.

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