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A Cue for Love Chapter 1018

A Cue for Love Chapter 1018

Swept Her Off Her Feet

The butler left as Natalie entered the living room.

The decoration in the room was as luxurious and elegant as what she had seen prior. Whether it was the decorative paintings on the walls or the crystal chandeliers, they highlighted the extraordinary identity and status of the house’s owner.

A woman in a slim-fitting pink dress who was standing next to the window caught Natalie’s eyes.

The woman’s wavy hair was draped on her left shoulder. Even though she was at her own home, she still had delicate makeup applied to her face. While her facial features weren’t that impressive, she was exuding an air of natural elegance, which added to her charm.

“Hello, Ms. Nichols.” Helma turned around and stared at Natalie.

“Hello, Ms. Leitz,” Natalie greeted back. There was neither humbleness nor arrogance in her eyes.

Helma studied Natalie from head to toe. As the former saw how composed the latter was, it endeared the latter to the former.

After all, she didn’t believe someone who fawned over her could design jewelry worthy for her to wear at the banquet.

“Sit here.” She pointed at a chair.

“Thank you.” Natalie took her seat.

After Helma sat, she smiled with glimmering eyes. “I’m very impressed with the ‘Rebirth’ series launched by Dream Corporation. It’s innovative, and the design is very striking.”

She paused and continued, “It’s why I’ve hired Yvette as the middleman to ask Dream Corporation and Muse to design me a special jewelry.”

Helma was a relative of the royal family, so her regal upbringing prevented her from saying that she wanted to show off at the banquet.

Even though she didn’t say it aloud, Natalie understood her intentions.

Natalie smiled. “No worries, Ms. Nichols. I ensure you that Muse’s design will look as fabulous as you hope for.”

“Really?” Joy flashed across Helma’s eyes.

“Of course.” Natalie nodded.

Helma’s cheeks began flushing, and her smile turned brighter when she heard Natalie’s reply. “I thought Dream is just a design company. I certainly didn’t expect it to be more than meets the eye. Not only does the company have a talented designer like Muse, but it also has an excellent boss like you, Ms. Nichols.”

She joyously held Natalie’s hand as she spoke.

Natalie allowed Helma to do that, but she still maintained a reasonable distance away from her client. “You flatter me!”

Helma proceeded to ask a bunch of other things as she stared at Natalie.

Natalie answered all the questions appropriately, and they had a great time talking with each other. The conversation made Helma very satisfied with Natalie.

“I still need to measure your sizes, Ms. Leitz,” Natalie reminded.

“Okay!” Helma cooperated with Natalie as the latter quickly measured all the former’s sizes and recorded all the measurements.

Just as Natalie was about to leave, Helma cheerfully invited, “It’s about time for dinner. How about you stay and enjoy a meal with me?”

Natalie shook her head. “I appreciate your hospitality, but I must leave and continue to discuss your design with Muse.”

Helma complied with Natalie’s request and nodded instead of insisting on her staying. “Then I’ll find another opportunity to treat you to a meal.”

“Sure!” Natalie smiled.

Helma asked her housekeepers to send Natalie to the exit.

When Samuel saw Natalie strolling out of the Leitz residence, he stepped out of the driver’s seat. Then, he opened the umbrella and approached her.

Concurrently, Heidi had just returned in her car. She was in a bad mood because she was annoyed by the rain, but when she raised her head, she saw a charming man with an air of divinity around him.

He was nearly one meter and ninety centimeters tall. His white shirt was wet from the rain, which made it cling to his lean and sturdy body. He had broad shoulders and a narrow waist. His legs were so slender that they made him look like a perfect male model.

The most alluring part about him was his face.

His cold eyes, tall nose, and thin lips were irresistibly attractive to her.

Heidi had met plenty of handsome men before, but the man in front of her totally swept her off her feet.

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