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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 738

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 738

Everyone in the class explained seriously, and all of them were siding Arielle.

Donovan was embarrassed and asked the police directly, “Do you really have to arrest them?”?

While nodding, the police responded, “These two students in your class lodged a false report, and they’re also suspected of serious defamation. We’ve enough evidence to arrest them. This has nothing to do with this female student. On the contrary, she’s the victim.”

Another police officer patted Donovan on the shoulder and said, “As a teacher, it’s right to protect the students in the class, but you’ve to be fair. You shouldn’t be taking sides.”

The police office advised earnestly, but it was humiliating for Donovan.

Ignoring Donovan’s grim expression, the police officer announced seriously, “We’ll take them away according to the procedure. If you stop us again, we can arrest you for obstruction of official duty.”

At that instant, Donovan’s face flushed with anger, and he could only take a step back and watch as the police took the two girls away.

When Wendy saw his expression, she was afraid that he would turn around and scold her.

However, he did not see her at all. Instead, he glared at Arielle with displeasure.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Wendy secretly rejoiced that Donovan had never liked Arielle. Otherwise, he would definitely blame her for not explaining the matter clearly and cause him to be humiliated.

Yet, he did not blame her, but she could feel the hostile gazes from the other classmates.

Her face fell, and she returned to her seat in embarrassment.

Trisha cast a brief look at Wendy and whispered in Arielle’s ear, “Mr. Baxter’s gaze was so scary just now. Wendy must have added fuel to the fire, so that’s why he looked at you like that. Do you want to explain to him?”

Shaking her head, Arielle responded, “That’s not necessary. It’s a waste of energy.”

It was better to ignore someone like Donovan. If he annoyed her, she would not hold back in exposing his scandal.

If she exposed his scandal, his sentence would be much heavier than the two girls.

Standing on the podium, Donovan opened his lesson plan to prepare for class irritably.

Those two days during the weekend were the two most tormenting days he spent at home.

Since Queenie stayed with him, he had not been able to sleep well for two days because of all the conflicts.

This isn’t marriage. It’s hell!

Fortunately, there was a dorm in the university. Early on Monday morning, he took everything to the dorm and decided that he would never go back before divorcing her.

Pinching his nose bridge, he said in a very tired voice, “Turn to page one hundred and twenty-one.”

Meanwhile, at the Southall residence, since Donovan’s incident, Henrick had not been able to sleep properly at night, fearing that Arielle would bad-mouth him in front of Vinson.

However, after waiting for two days, nothing had happened, and he finally felt relieved.

“Larissa!” While eating breakfast, he ordered, “Don’t forget to give Mrs. Southall her antiabortifacient.”

“Yes.” In response, Larissa bowed and returned to the kitchen.

Recently, Henrick had fired many housekeepers. There was only one chef left in the mansion. At that moment, the chef had gone to rest after making breakfast for him.

Looking around, Larissa made sure that no one would enter the kitchen and mixed the black herbs in her pocket into the antiabortifacient that was being boiled.

It was already the second day she put in the herbs given by Arielle, and no one had found out about it.

Seeing that it was almost time, she poured out the “antiabortifacient” and brought it to Cindy’s room.

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