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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 736

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 736

The classroom floor was made of marble. Everyone who heard the loud noise when the girl knelt could not help but feel the pain on their knees.

However, the girl seemed to be unaware of the pain. She knocked her head on the ground and begged while crying, “Arielle, I was wrong. Please don’t let the police arrest me. I won’t bad-mouth you again!”

Seeing that, the other girl also knelt and knocked her head on the ground.

The sound of them knocking their heads on the ground shocked the entire classroom.

Neither of them expected that the police would actually arrest them.

Although they felt uneasy at first, they had completely forgotten what happened at the gate after a few days of peaceful life. Moreover, they even continued to bad mouth Arielle secretly, thinking that Vinson would never bother about such an insignificant matter.

Unexpectedly, the police appeared when they came to the university Finally, they realized that it was just a matter of time before they paid for the things they did.

Feeling scared, they could only endure all the displeasure and swallow their pride to beg Arielle.

“Arielle, since we’re classmates, can you please overlook the mistake we made that day?”

“Please, I beg of you. We’ll never create any trouble for you again in the future. Not only that, but we’ll also listen to everything you say, as long as you don’t ask the police to arrest us. Okay?”

Both of the girls pleaded desperately. At that moment, Wendy entered the classroom.

Seeing her, they quickly turned to her and uttered, “Wendy, please help us! We have offended Arielle because of you.”

Immediately, Wendy’s expression stiffened. Although she did not want to get involved in the matter, she was afraid that the two girls would attack her instead, and that would affect her image.

Left with no choice, she said, “Arielle, it’s not a big deal to argue with your classmates. Isn’t it a bit too much for you to ask the police to come and arrest them?”

Since the other classmates were not aware of what happened, so they looked at Arielle as they were confused.

It’s really too much if she asks the police to arrest our classmates because of a small matter.

Lowering her head, Arielle laughed indifferently, and Wendy felt uncomfortable upon hearing that.

She frowned and questioned, “Why are you laughing?

Do you really want them to go to jail over a small dispute?”

Lifting her head to meet Wendy’s gaze, Arielle piped up softly, “A small dispute? Is that really the case???

Wendy asked with a stiff face, “Isn’t it?

“Fine.” Arielle nodded. “Then I’ll let everyone see if this is a small dispute.”

Having said that, she took out her phone and asked for the video from the lawyer. Subsequently, she turned on the computer and projected the video on the screen.

When Wendy felt that something was amiss and wanted to stop her, it was already too late.

The video had been edited, and only the important parts were shown.

As the video played, everyone in the classroom averted their gaze to watch it.

In the video, the two girls were obviously provoking Arielle. After the little boy next to her pushed them away in anger, the police arrived.

At that moment, Arielle stated, “My brother couldn’t stand them provoking me, so he pushed them, but they called the police and said that we beat them up, causing them to have a concussion.”

Next to her, Jared added with a cold face, “Evidently,

they were the one provoking Arielle, but they framed her for beating them up instead. A concussion is considered a serious injury. If found guilty, Arielle is likely to be sentenced to more than three years in jail. Wendy, you were clearly at the scene when that happened. How can you say that it’s just a small dispute?”

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