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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 735

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 735

Sighing with a grim expression, she said, “My people have also sent me some data. Among nearly six billion men in this world, we can’t find the man in the photo at all.”

Initially, Vinson wanted to tell her about Turlen, but he changed his mind when he thought of Susanne’s horrified expression.

If Mom is right about the people from Turlen being dangerous, / shouldn’t let Arielle know about them for now. I can investigate the matter in secret first and tell her about it later.

Thinking of that, he said, “Don’t worry. Didn’t you get the keys to the archive? With the photo, it’s more convenient for you to investigate him. A person can’t disappear into thin air. We’ll find him sooner or later.”

While nodding, she thought that her priority was to deal with Henrick and Cindy, so she put that matter behind temporarily.

Soon, their peaceful life ended, and came Monday.

As usual, Arielle went to attend classes at Jadeborough University. The moment she entered the classroom, she heard two girls crying.

“Don’t arrest me! I don’t want to go! Let go of me!”

“Please cooperate. We aren’t going to send you to jail directly.

You still have a chance to make an appeal.”

Stepping into the classroom, Arielle saw the two girls who had mocked her at the gate before being dragged out by some


Immediately, Trisha hurried over and explained in a low voice, “Sannie, I heard that they have been sued for defamation. Furthermore, the attorney is from Nightshire Group. They’ve never lost a case before.”

Raising her eyebrows, Arielle stated, “It’s just a matter of time before they’ve to pay for the evil deeds they’d done. I’ve let them relax for two days, so now is the time.”

Trisha was taken aback and asked in surprise, “They have slandered you?”

In response, Arielle nodded. “They said I beat them up and caused them to have a concussion. I wonder how many years they will spend in jail.”

Clenching her fists tightly, Trisha said indignantly, “They deserve it then! Otherwise, you’ll be the one who’ll be arrested.”

Just then, both girls saw Arielle.

The tall girl broke away from the police and rushed toward her.

Coincidentally, Jared walked into the classroom and saw that scene. Immediately, he stood in front of Arielle.

Unexpectedly, the girl did not intend to attack Arielle but knelt before her.

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