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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 734

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 734

Vinson felt that he could not stand it if he did not see Arielle for a day, let alone a week.

“Oh…” she drawled.

Gazing at her expression, he asked curiously, “Did you miss me during the time I didn’t contact you?”

“No!” she answered without hesitation. “I was so busy that I didn’t have time to miss you.”

“Okay.” Vinson pretended to be hurt, but he had already seen the blush on her cheek.

Soon, they arrived at Maple Mansion.

When they arrived, Sasha and Blake were already waiting for them.

Previously, Arielle got hold of the dregs of the herb that Cindy drank, but she could not tell what kind of herb it was, so she asked Vinson to send someone to investigate it.

Once they entered the mansion, Vinson questioned, “What did you find?”

Immediately, Sasha replied respectfully, “Boss, the herb you asked us to investigate is indeed made in Manchernius.”

Arielle asked hurriedly, “What is the effect of that herb?”

“The name of this herb is Gaea. It’s named after a goddess who has no husband but can create children. The herb is the same as its name. After drinking it, it can create children.

However, it’s just an illusion. After taking the herb, the human body will show signs of pregnancy, but that’s all. A child will not actually be born after taking the herb.”

After listening to Sasha’s explanation, Arielle came to a realization.

Her assumption had proven to be true. Cindy was faking her pregnancy Sneering, she commented, “Henrick wanted Cindy to give birth to a son, but little did he know that she isn’t pregnant at all!”

The next moment, Vinson also remarked sarcastically, “Cindy is quite capable, seeing that she’s able to get her hands on this kind of herb.”

“It should be her lover, Matthias, who helped her get it. He seemed to have a lot of ways to obtain something like this.”

Just then, Blake piped up, “Ms. Moore, we brought something back.”

With that, he took out a bag of black herbs from his pocket.

After smelling them, Arielle recognized some of the herbs, but there were some that she did not know.

“What is this?” she inquired.

Blake responded, “It’s something that can expose the lie.”

Next to him, Sasha added, “After eating this, it’ll be pointless to eat Gaea. Also, there’ll be a backlash, and she’ll never be

pregnant again.”

Reaching out, Arielle took over the bag of herbs, intending to give it to Larissa so that she could mix them into Cindy’s “antiabortifacient.”

“Do you need help?” Vinson inquired.

In response, Arielle shook her head. “No. Since Cindy is faking her pregnancy, she’ll definitely find a way to fake a miscarriage, after the herb has failed. She has to find a reason for her miscarriage, and I’m sure the first person she thinks of is me. At that time, she can use Henrick to get rid of me.”

Nodding, Vinson averted his gaze to Sasha and Blake. “Thank you for your hard work. Go back and have a good rest.”

“Yes.” Both of them were quick to read the atmosphere and left hurriedly.

Shifting his gaze back to Arielle, he suggested, “It’s getting late. Why don’t you sleep here tonight?”

All of a sudden, she had a feeling that she had walked into a lion’s den, and she was the lion’s prey.

Instantly, she blushed with embarrassment and stuttered, “V Vinson, I’m not ready to-”

Pfft! Vinson sniggered and tapped her forehead. “What are you thinking? Do you think I’m that kind of man who is so desperate? I’ll wait for you to be ready. So, sleep here tonight? There are a lot of rooms here. I won’t sleep in the same room with you. Okay?”

Vinson almost sounded like he was pleading like a child begging for sweets.

Realizing that she could not bring herself to reject him, she nodded. “Okay.”

After the incident with Donovan, she felt disgusted to stay in her house, so it was better to stay at Vinson’s house.

Before going to bed, he gave her a cup of hot milk and took the opportunity to ask, “Can I go in to sit for a while?”

Bang! However, the response he received was a closed door.

Smiling resignedly, he returned to his room rather disappointedly.

He truly regretted it.

I should’ve said there are many rooms in the house, but there’s only one bed. My bad.

Meanwhile, Arielle had a good night’s sleep. In the blink of an eye, the weekend had passed, and she was surprised to find that her life pace was almost identical to Vinson’s.

Both of them woke up early in the morning and had similar eating habits.

At the same time, the face recognition comparison results had also come out.

“We didn’t find anything.” Vinson handed the data to Arielle and uttered, “We can’t find any similar face in the global database.”

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