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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 730

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 730

While helping Susanne up, Geoffrey looked at her and mustered the courage to say, “Mrs. Nightshire, I think Mr. Vinson is serious about Ms. Moore. Maybe you should give her a chance. She doesn’t seem to be as pathetic as we thought.”

Upon hearing that, she shot him an icy stare. He immediately fell silent and slapped himself in the face.

“I’m sorry. Please ignore what I said.”

Looking at him, Susanne shook her head while she had complicated emotions.

She was not heartless and had feelings as well. After knowing what Arielle had done for her, she did falter.


“Forget it!” Susanne bit her lip and instructed, “Ask Vin to come down. Tell him that I’ve something to tell him.”

“Yes.” Geoffrey had served her for so many years. Obviously, he also noticed that she had faltered.

Immediately afterward, he rushed upstairs to look for Vinson.

Meanwhile, Vinson dipped a cotton swab with some salt water and put it on Arielle’s lips to hydrate her.

She was sleeping soundly on his large bed, looking weak and helpless.

Seeing that, he felt distressed.

Once he thought of what she had done for him, his heart softened.

He could not help but reach out and gently hold her hand.

To his surprise, her hand was so small that he could wrap it completely by spreading his palm out.

She’s still so young, but she has to experience and endure so much…

While looking at her, his heart clenched as if it was stabbed by Arielle’s silver-plated needles.

Just then, a knock on the door sounded.

Vinson looked over unhappily, only to see Geoffrey pushing the door and entering the room.

“Mr. Vinson.” The latter cast a brief look at Arielle, who had dozed off, and said in a low voice, “Mrs. Nightshire asked you to head downstairs. She has Squeezing Arielle’s hand, Vinson stood up and ordered, “Take good care of her. I’ll be right back.”

“All right. Don’t worry. Ms. Moore is Mrs. Nightshire’s savior, and Mrs. Nightshire had saved me before, so Ms. Moore is my savior as well. I’ll definitely take good care of her!”

Geoffrey’s expression looked like he was willing to do anything for Arielle.

Seeing that, Vinson felt a little relieved and headed downstairs.

When he went down, Susanne had already washed up. There were no more bloodstains on her body.

She was sitting on the couch, and her expression was extremely solemn.

Soon, Vinson arrived downstairs with a grim expression and asked, “What do you want to tell me?”

Instead of answering him, Susanne dismissed everyone in the living room and waited until all of them to leave before saying, “Vin, do you know why I object your relationship with Arielle?”

Frowning, he answered, “Because, she’s a hoyden from the countryside and won’t be helpful to my career.”

Susanne nodded and shook her head. Finally, she laughed self-deprecatingly and commented, “Never did I expect that my behavior during this time makes you think that I’m a person who only cares about money and the Nightshires’ business.”

“Are you not?”

Hearing his question, she was at a loss for words. “I admit that it’s one of the reasons, but that’s not the most important thing.”

Stunned, Vinson looked at her with a serious expression, “What other reason is there?”

“I’ve told you before—it is because she’s Arielle Moore.”

At that instant, his expression looked more confused.

Susanne stopped beating around the bush and explained, “Arielle’s mother was my best friend. I won’t dislike my best friend’s daughter, even if she grew up in the countryside. If she’s not Arielle, I won’t object to it after seeing how determined you are wanting to be with


“What do you mean by that?”

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