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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 728

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 728

Striding forward, Geoffrey spread his arms to stop Vinson. “Please come to your senses! You shan’t be blinded by love at times like this. It’s more important to save Mrs. Nightshire’s life now!”

“Blinded by love?” Vinson repeated his words.

Hearing that, Geoffrey shuddered with fear, but out of loyalty toward Susanne, he gulped and uttered, “Please pull yourself together!”

“It seems like I haven’t returned home often, and the owner of this house has changed? Even a butler could tell me what to do?”

Vinson’s voice was cold, and he shot Geoffrey a narrow eyed stare. In an instant, the air surrounding him turned chilly.

Obviously, Geoffrey could not withstand the immense pressure. He trembled with fear and put down his arms.

“Get him away from here,” Vinson ordered.

Immediately, the bodyguard stepped forward and took Geoffrey away.

The latter was angry and frightened. This woman is going to kill Mrs. Nightshire!

Glancing at him, Arielle assured, “Don’t worry. I’ll save her.”

“That’s bull-” Before he could finish his words, he felt the icy gaze from Vinson.

He could not help but whimper.

Oh, God! What happened to Mr. Vinson?

“You can start now.” Moments later, Vinson averted his gaze to Arielle and said, “I can’t let anything happen to my mom. She’s my only family.”

Nodding, she replied, “I understand.”

Then, she made Susanne lie sideways on the ground and began to check her pulse.

After a while, she was cognizant of Susanne’s condition.

“I need something.” Shortly afterward, she turned to Vinson and named the tools she needed.

Instantaneously, Vinson ordered the bodyguard to procure them. Since Nightshire Manor had all the tools she needed, it took no time for the bodyguard to find them.

Then, she took a manual sputum aspirator and connected it to a suction tube before carefully sucking out the blood in Susanne’s throat.

Soon, the sputum aspirator gradually turned red, and Susanne’s breathing finally became much smoother. The feeling of something stuck in her throat was gone.

Geoffrey was surprised to see that Susanne’s breathing had become smoother. Although the anxiousness in his heart was fading, he was still doubtful.

Does she really have medical knowledge?

After Arielle took out the sputum aspirator from Susanne’s throat, she took out the acupuncture needles she carried with her.

Since the incident of Yvette’s father, Russell, she made it a habit to carry the needles with her. Fortunately, she brought them with her as well. Little did she expect they would actually come into use.

“Hold her down for me,” she uttered. “I need to perform acupuncture on her, so we can’t let her move.”

“All right.” In response, Vinson nodded and held Susanne’s limbs down with a few bodyguards.

Next, Arielle took out a few silver-plated needles of different lengths and sterilized them. Then, she pierced them into Susanne’s skin one after another.

Looking at her calm gaze, Geoffrey found that he had gotten a hold of himself without realizing it.

As she was performing acupuncture, her forehead was beaded with sweats.

All of a sudden, she felt cold on her forehead. Lifting her head, she saw that Vinson was wiping her sweat with a towel.

When he noticed her gaze, he quickly retracted his hand and queried, “Am I disturbing you?”

“No.” Arielle shook her head, calmed herself down, and continued with the treatment.

After the needles pierced into Susanne’s skin, her convulsion gradually stopped, and her pale complexion finally turned ruddy.

Silence enveloped the living room, and at that moment…

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