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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 726

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 726

Vinson looked at the door in disbelief when he heard the voice.

Arielle was dressed elegantly in a black dress, and she was looking at him from a distance with great affection.

When Vinson saw Arielle, he was both surprised and nervous.

It’s Arielle. I don’t think that she will come here. Is she here because of me?

Vinson was moved, and he felt good about it.

Arielle took a peek at Vinson and then glanced coldly at the bodyguards in her path. She then told them in a casual tone, “Get out of my way.”

Her voice was calm, but it had an unquestionable dignity to it.

This aura is identical to Mr. Vinson’s. However, she is only a young girl. How does she have such a powerful presence when she speaks?

The bodyguards unconsciously stepped back from her and no longer blocked her path.

Arielle then walked up to Vinson’s side.

“Ms. Stone.” She looked at Susanne and lightly nodded.

Susanne was not happy about it. She then said, her voice implying anger, “Who said you can come in?”

The bodyguards were aware of their mistake and hurriedly bowed and apologized, “Sorry, Mrs. Nightshire. We failed to stop her…”

They did not say that Arielle beat up half of them when they heard her name but did not want to announce her arrival. However, even if they tried, they still could not keep her out “A bunch of useless people!” Susanne stared at the bodyguards and then turned her gaze toward Arielle. “Ms. Moore, why did you come to my house uninvited?”

Arielle did not respond to her question. Instead, she asked, “Ms. Stone, I just heard you say that I don’t deserve Vinson. Can I ask which part of me does not deserve him? Then, I can try to fix it.”

Vinson became concerned and unintentionally said, “Sannie…”

Arielle then gave Vinson a strong and deep gaze.

She hesitated for a while and then held onto Vinson’s hand.

When Vinson felt Arielle grab his hand, he stiffened and tightened his grip on hers in return.

Susanne watched as the two of them held hands, and she could not hold in her anger anymore.

“You don’t deserve my son in the least. In terms of family background, you’re just a country girl whom the Southalls abandoned. Other than that, you appear to have entered the preparatory class through the back door in terms of education. But, even if you enter through the back door, you still do not work hard and are always at the bottom of the class. Not only that, but you are constantly at odds with the tutors. If someone like you is around my son, you will undoubtedly make him look bad.”

Arielle knew that Wendy was definitely the one who told Susanne everything.

“Mom, she…”

“Ms. Stone!” Arielle interrupted Vinson and directly asked Susanne, “If I can get first place in the monthly test of the preparatory class, then will you give us your blessing?”

“What? First place?” Susanne appeared to have heard the biggest joke in the world. With a sneer, she added, “I am sure Wendy will be in the first place. Even if you compare yourself to the other students, you are still not smart enough to compete with them. The preparatory class is different from the other classes. The students in it are the best of the best. How could you say that you can take the first place? You are clearly daydreaming!”

Arielle raised her chin slightly and asked, “What if I actually get the first place? Will you then stop interfering with the matters between Vinson and me?”

Arielle’s gaze was calm and determined.

Susanne slowly frowned because she was not sure about She seems like she was determined to get first place. But, is she really capable of getting it?

Susanne was rather irritated, then she went on to say, “Not to mention that you will never get first place. Even if you could get the first place, I’d never agreed to the two of you being together! You’re just a country girl. You’ll never become my son’s life partner.”

As Arielle was about to respond, Vinson suddenly stepped forward and kissed Arielle on the lips.

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