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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 725

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 725

Vinson did not want her to accompany him to the Nightshire Manor to face his mother.

But, since Vinson liked her and Arielle knew she also had feelings for Vinson, she could no longer deny the feelings.

She wanted to face the problems with Vinson, no matter what the problems were.

Vinson was greeted by Geoffrey as soon as he stepped out of the car at Nightshire Manor. He stated respectfully, “Please have a good chat with Mrs. Nightsire after you enter the house, Mr. Vinson. She’s not in good health right now. She has high blood pressure, but she refused to take the medication today. So please speak nicely to her and avoid arguing with her.”

Vinson lightly nodded and said, “I know what to do.”

Geoffrey did not dare to persuade him any longer. Instead, he followed him inside with a worried expression.

In the living room, Susanne was being persuaded to take the medicine by the housekeeper. But as soon as Vinson walked in, she tossed the medicine aside. She then stood up and said coldly, “I thought you didn’t care if I were dead or alive anymore!”

Vinson frowned when he noticed the medicine on the table. “Even if you’re mad at me, you shouldn’t mess with your health,” he added.

“You’ll live a peaceful life after I’m gone. Isn’t that what you’ve always desired?” Susanne then yelled angrily, “Anyway, you don’t even tell me, your mother, about important events like you getting married. So why am I still alive then? I might as well just die!”

“Mom!” Vinson frowned even more, but he took a deep breath and tried to sound as soft as possible.

“Please, Mom, take the medicine first. Then we can have a conversation calmly,” said Vinson.

“Fine, I’ll take the medicine only if you promise me that you will divorce Arielle right now. After that, I’ll take the medicine.”

“That’s impossible!” Vinson directly rejected her and said, “I will not divorce her!”

“You… Are you trying to piss me off?”

Vinson then replied with a blank expression, “I’m not trying to piss you off. But it is up to me to decide on my marriage. You’ve got your own life, and I’ve got mine. I’m no longer a child, so I decide who I want to marry.”

“Fine! You won’t listen to me now that you’re an adult.” Then, Susanne’s gaze fell on the fruit knife on the table. She dashed toward it and wanted to take the knife.

Fortunately, Vinson saw that and kicked it away.

Susanne threw herself into the air and landed on the table, but she did not get the knife.

She became more enraged and stared at Vinson. After that, she went on to say, “I’ll ask you one more time. Are you going to divorce her or not? Do you still take me as your mom?”

Vinson hinted at Geoffrey to take away the fruit knife from the floor. Then he turned to Susanne and said, “You’re my mom. That is something I cannot change. On the other hand, Arielle is my wife, and I can’t change that either. So it’s best if you try to stay calm and accept her. In fact, she has outperformed all the women you’ve chosen for me in every way. As long as you don’t look at her through colored glasses, you’ll be very pleased with her personality.”

“Pleased with her? Do you think that the issue is whether I like her or not? I don’t care who you like. The problem that bothers me is that she’s Arielle Moore.”

Vinson was puzzled and continued asking, “What’s the matter with Arielle? What do you mean by Arielle is the problem?”

Susanne then changed the subject of her speech and stated, “She isn’t good enough for you, and she certainly doesn’t deserve you. Not to mention that she grew up in the countryside.”

“Ms. Stone.” A woman’s voice could be heard from the entrance. Then came along with the voice of several bodyguards, “Miss, you cannot enter.”

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