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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 723

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 723

Arielle was calmly translating while everyone was taken aback by her language proficiency.

Not long after, Arielle finished translating chapters one and two. She was soon in chapter three.

Wendy was holding onto her phone while secretly feeling excited about it.

Finally, she began translating chapter three.

She was able to hear Arielle drink some water before continuing to translate.

Chapter three was about the primary concept of calculus.

Arielle began by reading through the chapter first before beginning to translate.

When she stopped reading through the chapter, Wendy assumed Arielle couldn’t translate the chapter. Then, Wendy began to snicker.

In the next moment, Arielle started translating again.

“Calculus Micro-element method particle mechanics…”

The sound of fluent Ustranasion with a Lightspring accent could be heard.

Wendy was stunned by it.

Arielle really translate it! But how does she manage to do it?

When she found a translator to assist her in translating chapter three, the translator had to find a lot of information.

On the other hand, Arielle only paused for a brief moment before finishing the translation accurately and moving on to chapter four.

Wendy scratched the table with her fingernails to vent her rage.

Wendy only recovered from her shocked state when a sound was heard as her fingernails cracked. She then wanted to close the live stream.

However, it was too late to turn off the live stream at this point. Everyone could see how Arielle successfully translated this chapter on calculus.

Then, Wendy saw a comment appear on her screen just before turning off the live stream.

“My goddess is incredible! Is it just me, or does the woman who opens this live stream appears to want to see Arielle’s expression if she fails to translate? What she said from the start was so misleading. I think she’s the one who should be punished.”

Wendy froze when she saw the comment.

However, Wendy quickly realized that she did not show her face during the live stream. As a result, the audience would not know her true identity.

Wendy’s thought made her feel a little better.

Yet, at the same time, another comment popped out.

“Isn’t this woman’s voice Wendy’s? She’s in my class, and pretty sure that’s her voice. I’m really at a loss for words. Even if she disliked Arielle, she should not plan to cause her to fail in this important translation. Wendy is a truly terrible person.”

“Do you mean Wendy Greene? The one who plays the piano in the preparatory class? I used to think that she is a beautiful person, but it appears that she is only beautiful on the outside but has a terrible personality on the inside.”

“I’m going to punish this wicked woman. Don’t stop me!”

Wendy’s face turned pale, and she quickly turned off the live stream when she saw those comments.

Wendy was taken aback when she realized she had been recognized.

At that time, Wendy felt humiliated as if she were naked in front of the public.

She thought that it was a mistake to open this live stream.

Even if she had started the live stream, she should have stopped it when Arielle spoke with a fluent Lightspring accent.

Unfortunately, she thought Arielle was just lucky and took a chance then.

Now, not only did everyone believe that Arielle was beautiful and talented, but they also knew Wendy actually hoped for Arielle to fail in the translation.

Because of that, she would be harshly chastised by the forum’s keyboard warrior.

God d*mn it!

At that moment, Wendy felt a jumble of emotions, including regret, shame, and hatred.

It was all because she opened the live stream.

Wendy’s face was turning pale, and her body was trembling, but no one noticed that. Instead, everyone was focused on listening to Arielle’s translation as if they were at a grand musical performance.

While Wendy was suffering from her mixed emotions, the half-hour mark was up.

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