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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 625

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 625

Though Zachary did not believe Arielle could secure the robotic pacemakers, he was not worried about the patients either.

The only reason he did that was so that he could vent his frustration.

The surgery report of the customer of Soir Coffee had become a guide for various renowned hospitals, yet his name was not on it.

Instead, the reputation of the other doctors, who had contributed nothing to the surgery, was positively boosted.

He was the only exception because no one knew he had participated in the surgery.

Though he had opted out of the surgery himself back then, he could not help but be regretful and bitter about it. As such, he targeted all of his resentment on Arielle.

As he did not have Arielle’s contact number, he resorted to calling Jadeborough Private Hospital’s attending doctor back then to ask for her number.

After learning about Zachary’s intentions, the attending doctor hesitated before he said, “Let me ask Ms. Moore about it. If she’s willing to let you know her number, I’ll pass it to you.”

“Please hurry then. There’s still a patient in need of an operation.”

“All right.”

After hanging up the call, the doctor immediately made another call to Arielle.

Meanwhile, Arielle had just fallen asleep when the phone rang. Luckily she woke up rather quickly since she was a light sleeper.

When she saw the call, she accepted the call without hesitation and asked, “Is the patient suffering from after-effects?”

She had left the attending doctor her contact number back then as she was worried that there might be


The doctor’s voice sounded from the other end of the call. “That’s not it. It’s about something else, Ms. Moore. Do you happen to remember Dr. Ziegler?”

Hearing that, Arielle sighed in relief. “Yeah, what is it about him?”

“There’s an elderly patient admitted into his hospital who needs heart surgery. He mentions that you promised to gift him ten robotic pacemakers as long as he lets you be the chief surgeon of the surgery…”

The doctor’s voice gradually turned softer as he could not believe Arielle had that kind of capability.

It’s remarkable enough for a young lady like her to have tremendous medical knowledge. How else would she be

capable of purchasing ten of those devices? Besides, Sann Group consists of a bunch of very stubborn people. It’ll take more than just mere cash to lay their hands on those devices.

The attending doctor then continued, “I understand you’ve done it out of concern for the patient back then. If it’s not possible, I’ll call him back and—”

“There’s no need,” Arielle muttered. “I won’t take back my words since I’ve given my promise. Send me his address; I’ll send it to him now.”

Hearing Arielle’s voice, the attending doctor did not pay too much attention and replied, “I got it. I’ll call him back to reject him. After all, his request is a little too much… Wait… What did you just say?”

Arielle cleared her throat and repeated, “You heard it right. Give me his address. I’ll send them to him.”

“Oh my gosh!” The doctor was so shocked his voice turned hoarse.

Judging from Arielle’s tone, he figured she was not joking and immediately sent her the address before calling Zachary to inform him about it.

On the other side, Zachary was waiting for the opportunity to mock Arielle for her incapability just so that he could vent his annoyance.

Upon receiving an incoming call, he answered it at once. “So what’s the verdict? She can’t keep her

promise, can she? I think you should pass me her number. I’ll talk to her myself.”

“That’s not it.” The attending doctor’s voice was full of envy. “Dr. Ziegler, you’re lucky! Ms. Moore says she’ll send ten of those devices to you now!”

“Ten?” Zachary’s eyes widened in shock.

Did I hear wrongly? Or is Arielle trying to make fun of me?

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