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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 439

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 439

Russell did not understand what Mason meant.

He said, “Since you’re unwilling to get a divorce, then I’ll see you at the police station. Do you have any idea how much that jade statue is worth? I bought it for sixty million! Sixty million! That’s enough to land you in jail for at least two hundred years!”

Mason was dumbstruck.

Sixty million? That much?

He watched as Russell felt in his pocket for his phone, ready to call the police. Seeing that Russell showed no hint of mercy, Mason’s helpless gaze gradually faded and was replaced with a steely glint in his eyes.

He has never thought of me as part of his family! Their entire family has only ever regarded me as a disgusting street rat, including Yvette! None of them, not even the help, ever treated me as a human being! That’s it! I’ve had enough!

His eyes were no longer misty with tears. Instead, they were flashing with hostility.

He lowered his gaze and stood up slowly. Just as Russell dialed the number to make a police report, he grabbed Russell’s phone and flung it onto the floor with all his might

Russell glared at Mason, frowning, and hissed through gritted teeth, “What’s the matter? Are you thinking of hitting me?”

When the bodyguards heard the commotion inside the store, they rushed in immediately. All of them looked at Mason warily as if they were ready to take action at any moment.

Mason shook his head with a bitter smile. “Although you have never thought of me as part of the family, I’ve always respected you as a father. So, how could I think of hitting you?”

“Then, what do you mean by smashing my phone? Do you agree to get a divorce?” Russell demanded, narrowing his eyes.

Mason nodded with a pained look on his face. “If you think that I’m not worthy of Yvette, then I’m willing to get a divorce. I admit that what happened was my fault.”

Russell looked at him suspiciously and asked, “Are you really willing to get a divorce? You promise never to pester Yvette again?”

After a brief pause, Mason replied, “Yes, but let me meet with Yvette one last time. That’s all I ask. If you agree to it, I promise I won’t appear in front of you ever again.”

Russell felt a little relieved. In truth, he did not want to make a police report either. If I make a police report, everyone will find out that my daughter married a scumbag. That would be utterly humiliating. It’s good that Mason made the right choice.

Russell no longer minded that his phone had been smashed to pieces. He told his bodyguards to retrieve the SIM card, then said to Mason, “Deal. I’ll let you meet Yvette one last time. And apart from the five hundred-grand cheque, I’ll give you another hundred grand for your transportation fees. After meeting with Yvette, you are to leave Jadeborough and never return.”

“Okay,” Mason answered at once.

Russell felt somewhat disconcerted at Mason’s unhesitating behavior.

Nonetheless, he did not give it a second thought. He just took it that Mason had seen the light.

“Go and meet her now, then come back and sign the divorce papers. After that, you can leave with your hundred grand,” said Russell.

Mason nodded. “Okay… Oh, there’s no bus stop nearby. Could you lend me a car to use, Dad?”

“Sure. Also, you shouldn’t be calling me ‘Dad’ anymore. Your dad passed away in a car accident more than ten years ago.” Russell waved his hand as he spoke, and a bodyguard stepped forward immediately with a set of car keys.

If I’m being honest, I hate it every time he calls me ‘Dad.’

The look of contempt on Russell’s face did not go unnoticed. Mason gritted his teeth as he took the car

keys. Then, he turned and left.

Just as Mason was leaving, Edmund arrived. Edmund glanced at Mason’s retreating figure and asked, “Mr. Actonward, why did you let him go?”

“He said that he’s willing to get a divorce after he meets with Yvette one last time. He promised not to show up in front of me ever again,” Russell replied.

Edmund nodded, but he could not stop the ominous feeling that grew within him.

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