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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 433

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 433

Mason felt as though a thousand needles were stabbing his heart at that moment.

He sat on the floor despondently as tears streamed down his face.

Russell could not bear to see Mason’s sullen state. After all, he was the one who raised the latter.

As such, Russell let out a sigh. “There’s a check in the package. It should be enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life. And I’ll help you with anything in the future. But one way or another, you’ll be getting a divorce.”

“Mr. Actionward!” Mason shouted desperately. “It’s unfair to me!”

Russell’s expression darkened instantly. “Don’t try to test my patience. It was your fault, but I didn’t blame you. If it were another person, you might not have gotten away with it. I only chose to forgive you since we are distant relatives.”

Staring at Russell’s unyielding expression, Mason knew there was nothing he could do to change the former’s mind.

So my dream life lasted less than a week… I can’t accept this! No way!

Bawling out his eyes, he asked emotionally, “Or do you think I’m not good enough for Yvette? I swear I’ll work hard to be a better man. Would you please give me a

chance? I need three more… No, just give me one more year to prove myself. One more year, and you can decide if we should get a divorce by then. Who knows? Perhaps Yvette will accept me after one year. Would that be okay?”

At that moment, Russell’s steeled heart was softened by Mason’s sincerity.

Putting all the issues aside, he’s undoubtedly sincere toward Yvette.

Russell kept silent for a long while before speaking, “Fine. I’ll give you another three months. If Yvette still doesn’t accept you within three months, and I see no improvement from you, then you must sign the divorce agreement.”

If they get divorced after three months, there will be less gossiping too. After all, the public has expected that the marriage won’t last long. If they get divorced so soon, it will indeed cause an uproar.

Mason felt relieved instantly as he bowed gratefully to Russell.

“Thanks, Mr. Actionward! Thank you so much!”

“There’s no need to thank me. Just accompany Yvette more and make sure she recovers soon. Only then will our family be complete.”

Mason immediately nodded. “I got it, Mr. Actionward. I’ll try my best to help her recover.”

Russell let out a long sigh. Without any appetite left, he went upstairs to the study.

Edmund kept the package and followed him upstairs.

As soon as they got into the study, Edmund could not help but ask, “Mr. Actonward, why did you allow him to stay married to Ms. Yvette? You know very well that Ms. Yvette has no feelings for him. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have become like this.”

Russell lowered his head. “I’ve only got a daughter and no son. Besides, you saw how sincere he was. I bet he won’t even refuse if I ask him to change his surname. It would be best if Yvette develops feelings for him within three months. After their relationship becomes stable, I’ll teach him about business. With that, we’ll have an heir for the family.”

Right then, Edmund started to comprehend the reason behind Russell’s decision. He thought Russell was merely moved by Mason’s sincerity, but it turned out that he had other intentions.

Edmund replied with hesitation, “But I’m not sure if his character and capability are good enough to be our heir.”

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