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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 404

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 404

“That’s the girl!” Kelsea pointed to a girl sitting by the dining table. With Carter there to back her up, she was fearless. “She’s the one bullying me and chasing me away. She’s even influencing Harvey to do the same!”

Carter was overprotective of his family, and upon hearing that, he walked toward the girl with an icy expression.

After noticing who it was, Carter gaped in surprise. “Chief?”

“C-Chief?” Kelsea was dumbfounded too. She turned around to look at Carter.

What chief? Who is he calling chief?

Carter’s expression darkened as he glared icily at Kelsea. “Is she the one you called country bumpkin? Are you claiming that she bullied you with her pretty face?”

Kelsea was confused at the sudden change in her cousin’s attitude. She suddenly got a bad feeling about this, but she still nodded. “Yeah, it’s her…”

Carter glanced at Kelsea for a moment before saying coldly, “Leave now, and don’t expect me to interfere in you and your family’s matters anymore.”

Kelsea was shocked. She immediately grabbed his hand. “Carter, why are you saying this? You weren’t like this just now…”

“That’s because I didn’t know who you were referring to.” Carter looked at Kelsea as if he was looking at a stranger

He finally got to see Kelsea’s true colors that day.

How dare she claims that Arielle bullied her? Why would Arielle do that to a student? Although Arielle herself is a student too, I know for sure she wouldn’t do something like this if Kelsea didn’t provoke her first.

Carter didn’t want to waste any more energy in explaining. “Kelsea, let me give you a piece of advice. You can provoke anyone you want in Jadeborough but Arielle.”

Kelsea widened her eyes in shock after hearing that.

She finally understood the sudden change in Carter’s attitude.

It’s all because of Arielle! That b*tch! She even managed to seduce Carter! Great. This is just great! I’ve underestimated her!

“Carter, you’ll regret this! Just wait until you see her true colors, and you’ll regret doing this!” With that, Kelsea turned around and walked away.

Carter wasn’t bothered by that at all. He took a seat next to Harvey and said apologetically to Arielle, “I’m sorry. Her family must have spoiled her too much for her to throw such a tantrum. I hope you won’t take offense to whatever she said. If she’s still causing you trouble,

please just let me know. I’ll help you teach her a lesson.”

Harvey said, “There’s no need for that. Just come and find me if Kelsea causes you any trouble, or you can find Jared too since you’re both in the same class. It’s more convenient that way.”

Jared was no longer acting all cold and arrogant, as he said cheekily, “Don’t worry, guys. I’ll take good care of Boss. No one in this university can bully her!”

If anyone dares to bully my future sister-in-law, I swear I’ll kill them!

Harvey gave him a look of admiration. “I’ll talk to Harrison, our grandfather, about you joining the military.”

Jared’s eyes lit up at that as he looked at Arielle gratefully.

Arielle chuckled. She had never expected Harvey and Carter to be taking her side this firmly.

This made her heart feel warm. Although she didn’t say a thing, she would always remember their kindness.

She would repay them for this some day.

Time ticked by, and it was already getting late. Harvey and Carter were saying goodbye to Arielle.

Carter said, “We still have to investigate that guy, so

we’ll take our leave now and let you get back to your studies.”

“Sure.” Arielle nodded. “Just tell me if you find anything.”

“Of course.”

Before they left, Arielle reluctantly asked, “Is Vinson busy recently?”

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