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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 402

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 402

However, to Kelsea’s surprise, Harvey didn’t even look at Arielle. Instead, he turned to glare at her.

She felt like she was being frozen on the spot under his glare.

Kelsea was suddenly scared. She leaned back in her seat and stuttered, “H-Harvey, why are you looking at me like this?”

Harvey let out a low laugh. “Kelsea, since you’re Carter’s cousin, I can forgive you for being rude to Arielle. I don’t want to see this happening again. You should leave now! Scram!”

Kelsea was in disbelief. “Harvey, you’d rather believe in her but not me? If she’s not guilty of anything, why is she in such a hurry to chase me away when I did nothing at all? Why can’t you think about this?”

Arielle raised her chin, and without bothering to conceal her disgust, she spat, “Because I hate you.”

Kelsea’s face fell upon hearing that. She glared at Arielle. “You hate me? Aren’t you afraid of me instead?”

Arielle reacted as if she had just heard a joke. “Why should I be afraid of you?”

“Because I’ll be exposing your true colors! Otherwise, why will you even hate me?”

Before Arielle could say something, Jared suddenly

broke his silence. “Harvey, just chase this woman away already.”

Kelsea stared blankly at Jared. She had heard of Harvey’s younger brother. But with Jared living abroad all this while, she had never seen him in person. It was as if she was suddenly reminded, upon hearing his voice, that this young man was Harvey’s younger brother.

She broke into a smile, clearly misunderstanding Jared’s words, and said excitedly, “Harvey, did you hear that? Even your brother agrees that Arielle isn’t what she seems to be.”

“Is there something wrong with your brain?” Jared was helpless. “I was telling you to get lost. You, not Arielle.”

Kelsea stiffened up with embarrassment and confusion written all over her face. “Why?”

Jared couldn’t be bothered by her question as he turned around to Harvey. “I heard these two women mocking Boss for being some country bumpkin. I hate them too. They’re fake and boring. I’m disgusted by their presence.”

Jared’s criticism included Wendy as well.

Wendy could no longer stay seated anymore. She stood up and walked away without bothering Kelsea.

I must be out of my mind to come here with Kelsea and

let them humiliate me like this! I’m so done with Arielle and that idiot Kelsea!

“Wendy!” Kelsea called out to her, but Wendy had already walked out without looking back. It was as if she didn’t want to be associated with Kelsea at all.

Kelsea felt angry and humiliated. She couldn’t believe that neither Harvey nor Jared was taking her side. She was supposed to be the one who was closer with the Jupiters.

Arielle glanced at her. “Well? Aren’t you leaving?”

She wouldn’t bother showing any mercy to people who she didn’t like or were not worthy of her attention.

Kelsea wanted to curse at Arielle, but people around them were already scolding her instead.

“What a weird woman. She claims that the pretty lady over there has no manners, but to me, she’s the rude one who tries to join the table but not being polite at all.”

“Nothing decent ever comes out of her mouth.”

“I’m so sick of people like her. I saw her pinching her thigh earlier before playing the victim. She’s such a pretentious little b*tch.”

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