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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 394

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 394

However, the moment the call was answered, the other party started scolding him. “You bloody b*stard! You’ve ruined my account! I have several limited edition items in there. You’ve ruined everything!”

Mason was stunned when he was berated. Once the other party had cooled off a little, he asked, “Mr. Wayne, are you mistaken? Since when did I ruin your account? I simply failed to attain first in the ranking, that’s all. But I did manage to get your account into the third position. Shouldn’t you be giving me the two hundred thousand that you have promised?”

“Go to hell! You have no idea what just happened, do


“W-What happened?” Mason was completely clueless.

His customer took a deep breath and said, “See if you can log in. If you can, I will give you two million instead!”

Mason was puzzled.

How difficult can it be to log into the account? Why


Well, who cares whether he is crazy or not? If logging

a fool would refuse such an offer.

Mason was simple-minded enough not to ponder too much about his customer’s weird behavior. He started to

log in with excitement.

During the logging-in process, Mason was even planning on how he was going to spend the money.

Perhaps, I will buy Yvette a luxurious car that is worth more than a million and use the rest of the money to buy a branded watch for Russell.

The more he thought about it, the more hyped up he became. In fact, he felt that this moment was the peak of his life.

Two million, here I come!

Mason located the chat history with the account holder’s father and attempted to log into the account again.

Just as Mason clicked on the login button, he failed to enter into the games page. Instead, a white frame popped up.

He squinted his eyes and saw the message.

This is a gentle reminder: Your account has been permanently suspended due to a violation of our rules and regulations. Should you have any dispute regarding this matter, kindly click here to submit your reasons.

The excitement on Mason’s face disappeared instantly. He stared at the message and thought that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

How is this possible?

I’ve purchased the latest and the best software. The seller has guaranteed that PUBG’s bot would not be able to detect it!

So how did this happen?

“I don’t believe it! I must have seen wrongly!”

With trembling hands, Mason forcibly closed the page and tried to log in again.

same white frame appeared. The content was still the same as before. It stated that he had violated the regulations and was being suspended permanently.

As for the reason for the account’s suspension, it was a no-brainer. Once the other party started to delve deeper, they would surely discover his illegal use of third-party software.

At that moment, Mason’s mind had gone blank.

What should I do? What am I going to do?

This account is worth millions. I’m just a clerk earning six thousand a month. How am I going to find so much money to pay him back?

Mason felt cool dampness on his back. He reached behind and realized that he had been sweating profusely. His shirt was so drenched that the perspiration could be wrung out of it.

“Did you see it?” yelled the account owner. “My account has been suspended for good because of you! I want you to compensate me for my losses! Otherwise, I will sue you in court!”

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