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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1867

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1867

“Jared, what the heck are you doing?” Trisha demanded in mock anger from the man who had just dragged her out of the bar and into his car.

She had not deliberately planned a visit to the bar to test Jared, but everything that happened after running into him was well within her expectations.

Trisha was already twenty-eight years old, and everyone in her family was constantly pushing her to settle down.

After getting yet another “well-meaning” phone call from her mother, she had had enough. She changed out of her work attire and rushed to the bar.

Luckily for her, Jared and Henry were there, and she even got a seat near them. She would hardly give up on the opportunity to dance with a handsome stranger and gauge Jared’s interest.

The stranger’s flirtatious advances were a total coincidence, and she exploited his attention.

Well, it worked. Jared practically ran over to tear us apart.

Sensing the anger in Trisha’s tone, Jared hastily explained, “It’s so late, and it can’t be safe for a woman to be alone in the bar with a stranger. You might have been in real danger if I didn’t step in. It’s hard to get a cab here, so I’ll give you a lift home.”

Trisha’s heart sank.

She retorted, “I appreciate your deluded concern, but I have no need for it.”

As she spoke, she opened the car door and stomped out.

Jared alighted from his car and ran after her. Grabbing her wrist, he stopped her from leaving.

“What are you doing?”

“Pray tell, what does that have to do with you? Are we related in any way?” Trisha viciously flung his hand away and turned, heading back toward the bar.

Jared saw red as he recalled what had happened in the bar earlier. Jealousy clouded his judgment, and he pulled Trisha into his arms, planting his lips over hers before she could raise her temper at him.

Neither of them had kissed anyone before this, and they relied more on their feelings than any true experience for guidance.

Jared soon took the lead and deepened the kiss. At one point, they became embarrassingly loud as they gave in to the pleasure of their passionate kiss.

Trisha struggled to catch her breath, and only then did Jared reluctantly release her from his arms. He smirked when he noticed how swollen her lips had become.

He turned serious as he stared at Trisha and said, “Please be my girlfriend, Trisha!”

At last, he could not be more certain of his feelings, especially considering his intense desire to keep any man away from her.

Trisha’s heart pounded like a runaway horse, yet she put on a calm front as she returned Jared’s gaze.

“Be your girlfriend? I thought you didn’t like me.”

Jared hugged her in response and whispered, “You’re right. I don’t…”

Trisha stiffened instantly.

She was about to push him away, but Jared loosened his hold first and gazed at her earnestly. “I love you, Trisha. Will you please be my girlfriend?”

Her heart was somersaulting in her chest. Her emotions ping-ponged from delight to despair and later elation as Jared spoke. It was almost too much to bear.

She stared at Jared and felt his sincerity. At that moment, she no longer wished to repress her feelings.

Trisha had liked him for a long time, but his rejection had frightened her into years of avoidance. She thought it would weaken her feelings for him, yet she only spiraled deeper into an emotional void of no return. That was the reason she returned to Chanaea upon graduation.

In fact, the assistant position at Jupiter Group was the only role she had applied for. After she was hired as Harvey’s assistant, she ran into Jared almost daily, yet their interactions were stilted and seemed strictly limited to work.

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