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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1256

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1256

Pushing His Luck

“I appreciate the fact that you bought a taxi company just to send me to work. Anyway, you should go back and get some sleep since there’s still some time before you start work.”

As soon as Arielle touched the car door, Vinson grabbed her.

“What is it?”

When Arielle turned around in surprise, she saw Vinson’s unsatisfied look. Knitting his brows, he asked, “A word of thanks and that’s it? Aren’t you going to show your appreciation with some actions?”

Arielle shrugged. “What kind of action are you expecting?”

Vinson pointed at his lips. “It feels kind of dry here.”

Despite shooting Vinson a shy look, she still leaned in to give him a kiss.

When she felt the cold touch of his lips, she was reminded of what happened the night before—a passionate entanglement of ice and fire.

Due to the effects of the drug, that was the first time she had expressed her unrestrained lust.

All this while, she had always been shy when it came to being intimate, just like any other girl. Regardless of whether it was their first time, it was difficult to stay calm, even for her.

Thus, her cheeks blushed red even though it was just a light peck.

Just when she was about to alight after the kiss, Vinson pulled her back again and pointed to his forehead.

“It’s dry here too.”

Arielle relented and kissed him where he wanted.

Nevertheless, it still wasn’t enough as Vinson pointed to his nose. “This spot is dry too.”

Arielle squirmed her lips in response. “Vinson, stop pushing your luck!”

When he realized that he had gotten on her nerves, Vinson suppressed his greed and remarked, “Wait for me, as I’ll walk you to the set after parking the car.”

“No,” Arielle stopped him.

“You can’t go in.”

“Why? I’ve postponed all my work to the afternoon so that I can have the morning with you.”

“It’s not that…” Arielle mumbled, “Didn’t you read the news? Yesterday, I told the crew that I was going to catch my husband cheating so that I could avoid going to dinner with them. Obviously, no one knows it was you. Hence, if you walk in with me, I would end up being ridiculed.”

Even though the production team was afraid of gossiping in front of Vinson, the netizens didn’t share their fear once the matter was leaked.

The internet was just like a sea of strangers. With everyone wearing a mask online, no one knew who the other was in real life.

Arielle had barely spoken when Vinson fell silent for a few seconds.

She rubbed her hand apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Vinson pointed to the back seat. “I’m not here in my own capacity. Instead, I’m supposed to be your assistant.”

When Arielle followed the trajectory of his fingers, she saw a face mask and a baseball cap.

She shrugged. “You never cease to amaze me.”

“Thank you, boss. May I ask if I can now go filming by your side? Coincidentally, I would like to check on the progress of the movie I have invested in.”

Arielle nodded in resignation. “Come along then. However, remember not to speak or take off your cap. You must keep your identity a secret, okay?”

All of a sudden, Vinson felt as if he was an incapable husband.

However, the thought of them going to be separated by a long distance for three days gave him the urge to spend every second he had with her.

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