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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1254

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1254

 A Photo Of The Man

Fearful for their lives, Geoffrey broke out in cold sweat, for the masked man’s intention couldn’t be any clearer.

If he couldn’t provide any useful information, his family’s days would be numbered.

Despite the defiance within him, Geoffrey had no choice but to nod. “All right, I’ll definitely help you monitor Mr. and Mrs. Nightshire.”

“Mmm-hmm.” The man nodded in return before striding out without fear of being discovered.

The man scarcely walked out when Geoffrey gritted his teeth and said, “Mister…”

The man turned around and gave Geoffrey a scrutinizing look.

“Actually…” Right when the words were about to leave Geoffrey’s mouth, he struggled with himself before changing his mind. “The security here has been tightened recently. Hence, you had better be more careful when you leave.”

The man shrugged his shoulders before turning around and leaving the glasshouse.

After watching the man’s silhouette disappear, the tension in Geoffrey’s body was released as he dropped to his knees, drenched in sweat.

He had intended to say that there was something strange about Arielle and Vinson quarreling and also the fact that Vinson brought another lady home.

Nonetheless, the decades-long bond he had built with the Nightshire family caused him to swallow those words.

Betraying the Nightshires had already caused dark rings to appear around his eyes from all the sleepless nights he was having.

Unfortunately, he still couldn’t bring himself to confess the matter to them.

At the end of the day, his loyalty was so strong that he was unable to betray them despite the lives of his family hanging by a thread.

Closing his eyes and clasping his palms together, he prayed, “I hope everything will be over soon.”

He also hoped that Vinson would quickly realize that something was amiss and track down the masked man.

In spite of that, his hopes remained just that. The only thing he could do was to continue acting as a mole and answer all the questions the enemy had.

Unknown to both the masked man and Geoffrey, a pair of eyes was watching them closely.

A few minutes later, Arielle was walking on the street when she received a call from one of the housekeepers.

With a twitch of her eyelid, she answered the call at once.

“Did you discover anything?” Arielle asked right away.

The housekeeper’s voice rang out.

“I saw Geoffrey enter the glasshouse. A short while later, another man came out and left by scaling the wall. I had wanted to raise the alarm but decided to call you first.”

“You did well.” After a momentary silence, Arielle asked, “Did you manage to take a photo of the man?”

“I did! However, it’s in video form, as I was worried about the sound the camera might make.”

“Send it to me right away, and don’t mention it to anyone else. Just continue to go about your work.”

“Yes, Mrs. Nightshire!” The housekeeper ended the call excitedly, for she was proud of having made a significant contribution.

Soon, Arielle received a message from the housekeeper.

She wasn’t afraid that the contents of the message were leaked because Vinson had come to see her the night before. Not only did he spend the night with her and explain the situation, but he also handed her a new phone.

Going forward, both of them would stay in touch using the new phone which no one else knew about.

After clicking on the video to watch it, she saw the masked man walk out of the glasshouse.

Due to the angle the video was filmed, she could only see the man’s silhouette in the beginning.

Nevertheless, Arielle broadly narrowed down the person to the man she met on the cruise from just his silhouette alone.

At the very last second of the video, the man turned his head to reveal the side profile, allowing Arielle to confirm her suspicion.

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