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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1251

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1251

Rolling Her Eyes

“Oh…” Susanne dragged out her response and teased, “That’s a real coincidence. What about this? How did you make this pepper soup?”

“Erm…” Penelope’s expression darkened.

Obviously, she had no idea at all.

“Haha,” Susanne sneered before exposing her. “Sometimes, it’s all right if we’re incapable, for we can always take our time to learn. However, if we are too ambitious for our own good and bite off more than we can chew, we will just end up embarrassing ourselves.”

When she realized Susanne had seen through her lie about making breakfast, Penelope’s face turned red.

She had no choice but to force a smile. “Mrs. Nightshire, it’s true that I didn’t cook breakfast alone. Nevertheless, I monitored the entire process from ingredient selection to the cooking.”

She wanted to still claim credit despite not being the one to cook.

“I appreciate what you have done.” Susanne pulled out a chair and sat down.

Just when Penelope was about to ask whether she needed to be served, Susanne instructed Geoffrey, “Take all of this away and distribute it to the housekeeper. After that, prepare my usual breakfast.”

“Yes, Mrs. Nightshire!” After bowing in acknowledgment, Geoffrey turned around and ordered the housekeepers to do the same.

With her face turning pale, Penelope could feel the rage swelling within her.

She felt humiliated by the fact that Susanne had ordered the food she had painstakingly monitored from early in the morning to be given to the housekeepers.

Despite the anger she felt, Penelope didn’t dare show it. She could only probe, “Mrs. Nightshire, since I’m new here, I have no idea what you like for breakfast. Why don’t you tell me so that I can prepare it from tomorrow morning onward.”

“There’s no such need!” Susanne waved her hand impatiently. “There’s no way you know how to prepare what I want.”

Even though she felt awkward, Penelope was also curious as to what Susanne had for breakfast.

After all, she had already gotten the cook to prepare all kinds of breakfast imaginable.

Soon, Geoffrey was seen bringing a bowl of hot ravioli up to the table.

Having assumed that Susanne would usually have a feast for breakfast, Penelope was surprised to see just a bowl of ravioli.

She couldn’t resist asking, “Do you only have ravioli for breakfast?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Susanne gave her the side-eye. “This is the best ravioli in the entire world!”

Penelope smiled alongside her. “Yes, yes. It just caught me by surprise. Since you love ravioli, I’ll make it tomorrow for you, as it’s something I know how to do.”

“Hmph!” Susanne snorted. “You don’t know how to make this one!”

Penelope was exasperated at hearing the same comment twice.

Isn’t it just ravioli? Given how simple it is, how can I not be able to make it?

Observing Penelope’s expression, Susanne knew what was going through her mind. She ordered Geoffrey, “Let her try some so that she knows what ravioli is supposed to taste like.”

“Yes, Mrs. Nightshire.” Geoffrey bowed and served Penelope a bowl.

Penelope did a mental roll of her eyes.

What does she mean by letting me know what actual ravioli is?

Penelope was unconvinced by Susanne’s praise for it. If someone else other than Susanne had uttered those words, she would have ridiculed the person as a country bumpkin.

Despite thinking otherwise, Penelope pretended to be honored instead. Suppressing the anger inside her, she put a piece of ravioli in her mouth.

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