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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1247

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1247

Is She Worthy

Arielle felt like she had just found a shady oasis in the middle of the scorching desert.

She could not help but seek for more.

Soon, both of their clothes had already been tossed to the side and their bodies were pressed close to each other.

Initially, Arielle felt like she had been set on fire. However, as time passed, it seemed like Vinson was the one being drugged instead.

Once was not enough—he did it twice.

Still, that was not enough. Vinson was only satisfied when the sky started to turn bright and their sweat had almost drenched the blankets.

“Go to sleep.” Vinson pinched Arielle’s nose and kissed her ears before releasing her.

Arielle got out of bed to wash up. Then, she collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

It was like her insomnia had cured itself in an instant.

After seeing that, Vinson got up to take a shower. Then, he did not leave the room immediately. Instead, he gazed at Arielle for a long time as she slept. After leaving a lingering kiss on her lips, he snuck out of the guest room quietly and returned to his bedroom upstairs.

He had already checked that there were no surveillance cameras installed in the house, so no one would discover that he went downstairs.

Soon, morning came.

Penelope woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast.

However, since the chefs had returned, she did not do anything except bark orders at them like she was the mistress of the house.

The chefs secretly complained, “Where did this woman come from? I have a Michelin award, but she said that my knife skill is bad!”

“It’s not just you! Didn’t you see our head chef looking so furious? She said that he did not know how to knead the dough properly! I’m really done with her.”

“Shh… Don’t say anything! Mr. Vinson was the one who brought her back.”

“What? Mr. Vinson? I thought that she was Mrs. Nightshire’s relative or something… Who does she think she is? Ms. Moore is better than her in all aspects! What does Mr. Vinson even like about her?”

“Perhaps he wants something plain after enjoying the good stuff. Aren’t all rich people like that?”

“Plain? She’s worse than that!”

The few of them were mumbling amongst themselves when a female voice suddenly rang out behind them. “What are you talking about? The oat is overcooked! Can’t you smell it?”

Everyone froze. When they turned around, they saw Penelope glaring at them furiously with her hands on her hips.

Evidently, she overheard what they said.

They immediately dispersed and continued with their tasks.

It was true that Penelope overheard what they said. Although she was furious, she was not the mistress of the Nightshires yet.

Hence, she had no right to scold them.

Frustrated, she clenched her fists. When I become the mistress of the house, I’ll definitely make these blabbermouths regret that they ever lived!

After two hours, the breakfast feast was finally ready.

The breakfast spread was extremely sumptuous. There were cuisines from all over the world—from Eastern to Western cuisines.

As Penelope’s grilled fish had lost to Arielle’s the previous night, she wanted to regain some of her pride through this breakfast spread.

Although she did not do anything to prepare breakfast, she planned to claim all the credit.

After all, the chefs would not dare to fight with her.

After inspecting the food carefully and ensuring that there was nothing wrong with them, she turned around and spotted Vinson walking down the stairs.

“Mr. Nightshire!”

Penelope immediately plastered a gentle smile on her face. She walked forward and said softly, “I’ve just prepared breakfast. Would you like to eat anything else? I can cook them for you again.”

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