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A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1246

A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1246

 I Am Your Antidote

“All right.” After speaking, Arielle shoved Vinson’s chest and said, “Don’t blow your cover. Leave now!”

“Leave?” Vinson frowned. “What do you mean? It was so difficult for me to sneak over here and I’ve only stayed for a short while. Why are you chasing me away?”


“So what if I’m chasing you away?” Arielle scoffed and snapped, “Go sleep with Ms. Little!”

In the next moment, Vinson kissed her lips.

The passionate kiss caused Arielle to feel a little dizzy, as if she was floating in the sky.

The kiss lasted for a long time before Vinson released her reluctantly.

“I really want to continue sleeping here…” His voice was deep and sexy, yet he sounded like a child throwing a tantrum.

Arielle was starting to change her mind on getting Vinson to leave.

For some reason, her body felt extremely warm, while Vinson’s body felt very cool.

She had an urge to keep moving closer to him.

While mulling over this thought, she pressed her body closer against Vinson subconsciously.

Vinson gulped as he warned, “If you continue being so close to me, I won’t be able to hold myself back…”

“Mm…” mumbled Arielle.

Her voice was like the fuse to a firework. Vinson could barely control himself.

“Sannie…” His voice became deeper and hoarser. “You’ll be in danger, you know?”

He was the danger.

He did not plan on doing anything when he came to see her, so he did not bring any safety precautions. If they did it just like that…

Well, he was more than happy to do so. However, he also knew that Arielle did not plan on getting pregnant for the time being.

When he said that, Arielle did not move away from him. Instead, she moved even closer.

Vinson realized that something was wrong.

Usually, when he warned Arielle like that, she would have fled immediately instead of approaching him.


When Vinson touched Arielle’s face, he discovered that her cheeks were burning.

Shocked, he asked, “Are you having a fever?”

“No…” Arielle still had control over her rationality.

Taking in a deep breath, she suppressed her urge to move closer to Vinson and sat up straight instead. When she took her pulse, she was astonished.

“What happened?” Observing Arielle’s expression, Vinson asked, “Are you sick?”

Arielle bit her lips as her gaze landed on the glass of milk on the table, which she had already finished drinking.

Back then, she had noticed that the housekeeper who sent the glass of milk over was acting a little too enthusiastically. Looks like the milk has been spiked.

“There’s something wrong with that glass of milk.”

Vinson was not dumb either—he immediately understood what she meant by that.

Someone has drugged Arielle!

“Who did it?” asked Vinson hurriedly. “Did Geoffrey give this to you?”

“No…” Arielle shook her head and reminded, “Don’t make a fuss. I think that the person who spiked the drink is hoping that we’ll reconcile. It’s probably Mom’s idea.”

An idea popped up in Vinson’s mind. “Then… Should I stay?”

Arielle glared at him. “If you aren’t staying, are you going to send me to the hospital? In that case, won’t everything get exposed?”

Vinson nodded before pinning Arielle underneath his body.

“Then, I’ll act as your antidote.”

Arielle blushed. Before she could say anything, her lips were already sealed by Vinson.

His kiss was so domineering that it was as if he wanted to devour her.


Arielle could not help but let her moans slip out of her lips.

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