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    1. Can people stop asking how many chapters are left or can they produce more than 2 chapters a day. We are very lucky. Just be grateful and be patient hehehe

  1. Whenever I thought I should stop reading this ,then it turns more interesting….
    I just love this (Let me go , mr hill) novel….by PLZZ update more chapter rather than two everyday….

      1. I can’t wait to see the outcome of Charity and Chester’s love story! More chapter please! Yeah, i was bit short of Jessica and Forrest love story, first time reading novel like, i can’t imagine myself hooked into it. Thanks for more episode to come!

      2. I can’t find the chapter that I wanna read because it’s keep asking to deactivate the copy n paste which I really dun know how. I just want to read the novel…..

        1. When it says that just pull down on the pg to refresh and then scroll down. You’ll find a list of chapters available.

  2. Why only 2 chapters daily. I am not usually a reader but I came across this book on facebook and started reading it. I have truly enjoyed it up to where only 2 chapters daily are posted. It is very frustrating to get into it and then have to wait. I will probably wind up just giving up on finishing this book.

    1. Yes same here started reading from FB. Then from there downloaded the site but in vain have to pay money earn coins read n then not full chapters then landed here but two chapters daily it’s not easy to read n stop

      1. same with me . if i don’t find this web i will let go this novel coz can afford to get coin to read . 2 chapter perday is ok for me and i also read. the other novel . I just read 150 divorce ex billion air and skip to page update today . as long I can understand the story its ok to skip same as let go mr hill , even I skip I still can understand the story and recognise all the characters.

  3. Вчера дочитала книгу “В любви никогда не говори никогда”, очень интересная книга, прочитала с удовольствием не отрываясь от романа. Спасибо большое.

  4. Only one chapter update today :(. Is there a way we can get more chapters? Where is this being translated from?

  5. Hi,

    Hope you can also publish the novel titled ‘You Can Run but You Can’t Hide My Contractual Wife” by Lady Aston.

    Thank you.

      1. chester is not evil.. he chose to become like that after he thought charity cheated on him.. but after learning they were tricked by sarah, he transformed back to how he was when He and Charity are still together.

    1. Good point. I also would love to read a few more chapters about Forrest an Jessica, it’s finished a bit abruptly

  6. Up to no good

    Oh! The story is so exciting!! But Are we back to two chapters per day? Can we have more chapters per day pls

  7. I would just love it more if Eliza doesn’t end up with Chester, Miguel is a better man. Atleast Chester’s pride will be cutailed.

  8. Thank you Desirenovel.
    I love the Charity/Chester part.
    Please upload more novels from chapter 1.
    Cant afford to read the novels on other websites. They are just to expensive.
    Barren mother give birth to sixtuplets.
    My poor husband is a billionaire.
    My bossy Ceo husband
    Love never dies. 🙏

  9. Up to no good

    Hi admin ,

    Could you pls add more chapters per day.. 2 chapters per day is too less and it’s dragging the timeline too much.. I am losing the spirit of the story.. for example: I don’t feel the anger charity is feeling for Chester since the atrocities that he did to Eliza happened more than a month ago.. it’s sorta killing it.. i don’t feel the characters anymore since it’s too slow

  10. Omg. I’ve stop reading this novel last month coz it has become bored and not much progress… Lucky me😂

  11. Omg 2 chapters a day and it’s more then 4500 chapters so basically we will be reading for more than 2 years to finish 👎🏾

  12. I am holding back from reading it everyday to save more chapters but i just cant. I love chester’s love story among the 3.

  13. Best story….i just want to read more of Catherine story with her kids&family&freya,ryan,rodney,eliza,and everyone’s story,i want to know what’s happening with them…as we were all very hooked and love to read about them

  14. i hope that the chapters for charity and chester will end soon, its been hundred of chapters about them its getting boring! i want more chapters about catherine, shaun, freya, jessica and forrest.

  15. Plz upload “Ms senior interpreter you are so charming” and “A Top-Tier CEO turned wife spoiler” novel…

  16. Please tell me where did uh guys found the next chapters from 2775 to onward?
    Send me the link if anyone have it’s link or related info

  17. Up to no good

    Can we have more chapters per day.. there is no content in just one chapter.. three chapters would be a good number..

  18. This one chapter daily makes the book less interesting.. A book is meant to be read at once not watched like a movie…
    Please try and increase the number of pages you post each day.

  19. Hi there Admin, do you have any idea if this book is available for sale? or, payments shall be made prior to reading? Can’t wait for your releases… it’s to prolonged…

  20. At this rate 2 chapters per day, more than 2 more yrs to read the rest of (4500?) chapters. Who can survive waiting patience without getting mad at checking daily for 2 chapters? 😂. Maybe I’ll check in on this once a month so that I can read at least 60 chapters in one go. Can I wait for a month? Haha. I’m on current chapter 2828 now. Thank you.

  21. Since the new update to the page, I have been unable to progress on some books by using the search function. I get a copy paste warning (which I’m not using anything). Very frustrating when the books aren’t linked together properly. Over all this new update to the website is more frustrating.

  22. Yes I have the same questions about the error messages. I took a break after chapter 2810 waiting for more chapters to be uploaded. Now I can’t access anything after 2810, I get the copy paste message and I have never had that particular error message nor have any idea how to fix it.

  23. I continually get a copy and paste error message when I try to search for the next chapters in the novel I am reading. Is there a fix for this? Thank you.

  24. Very disappointed that I can’t finish the noval I started cause for some unknown reason it keeps coming up with some dumb cut and paste extension is turned on? What the heck does that even mean?
    Never heard of such a thing. Nevermind where to even look for it to turn it off

  25. Not bad at all Chester, you can even throw away one leg as long as you get Charity’s pity and possibly love? Better physical pain than heartache of seeing Charity with another man for life…hehe

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